Jan 4, 2010

Spending Your Lunch Break at Malioboro Street and Pasar Beringharjo

During my visit to Yogyakarta.. that is the most frequently visited place haha.. I enjoyed the shopping spree along the Malioboro Street.. there were so many things to see and they sell it in a very smart price haha.. fits me really well.. what do they sell? well, all things especially made from batik fabric.. love it so much.. starting from clothes (including dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, blouses, shirts, t-shirts), bags (hand bags, clutch bags, wallet, laptop cases, handphone cases, backpack), sandals, jewelry (necklaces, batik bangles, rings, silvery things, your-own-name necklace & bracelets, earrings), all of it.. you name it.. and all of them were sold in a very reasonable price.. all you have to do is just spend more time to bargain..

Our second most visited place in Yogya is Pasar Beringharjo.. it's a flea market selling all clothes from batik fabric.. LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH.. banyak banget barangnya dan murah-murah euy haha.. me? I bought sackdresses, skirt, t-shirt and blouse with batik fabric (or at least a little ornament of batik).. the best thing of it was I spent less than 200thousands for all those stuffs haha.. jiwa shopaholic terpuaskan dan dompet terselamatkan..

we spent most of our lunch break time wandering around this area and each day, we bought ourselves a little batik haha.. some tips to go to Malioboro Street & Pasar Beringharjo:
1. wear a very comfortable clothes.. I would recommend t-shirt and jeans and a comfy sandal.. flats would be okay.. (fyi, during the lunch break wandering time, I wore a 7-cm-heels.. hahaha)
2. bargain.. bargain.. bargain.. if you go thereduring the peak season, like I did, start with 30% of the offering.. well, usually I got at not more than 50% than the offering from the the seller.. if the seller didn't give you the price you want, try to walk to other stores.. there are usually more than 2 sellers with the same goods along the street..
3. bring a good friend.. a friend who would give you good suggestions about fashion and who will remind you about the money left in your pocket..
4. have fun.. enjoy the ride.. laugh and smile a lot
5. take a good picture.. you didn't come to Yogya twice a year (well,unless you're Yogyaners) hahaha...

P.S: I wish I could come there again, real soon :)

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