Nov 25, 2010

By The Beach

celebrating our two years of being together, we had a lovely lunch at by the beach.. located in Plaza Indonesia, this restaurant offers the atmosphere just like the beach.. wooden furniture, high windowed... a really cozy place to hang out.. they offer all kinds of seafood, with options of international cook to traditional cook.. it'll be another option to have a lovely dinner for family.. they offer spacious dining area and a few semi-private tables, each separated by a high curtains.. I fell in love with the ambiance and the decoration right away..
table set

mango 4.2 - Rp39

we ordered mango 4.2.. which is one of their signature drink, consisted of mango juice mixed with fresh fruits.. it's quite refreshing though kinda too sweet for me.. it can be shared for two person.. which is why it was called mango 4.2 --> read: mango for two.. 

fish and chips - Rp69

I chose the fish and chips and got two pieces of kakap fillet served with fries, tartar sauce and salad.. the portion is quite big for me.. the tartar sauce was not as good as fish & co. but I love the fish, since it was tender and juicy.. I love their thin batter, which makes you can easily taste the fish.. 

prawn burger - Rp59

bf picked the prawn burger for he's not too hungry at that moment.. the prawn burger is served in a big portion, not as we expected.. the loaf was kinda different, I dunno what bread they used.. it's really fluffy and has a nice texture.. I love the bread.. the prawn itself is similar to prawn nugget haha.. but I still like it.. :P

compared to fish & co., I think I would still prefer fish & co. since they have the best tartar sauce in town haha.. I'm weak to tartar sauce :P however, if you're looking for a nice ambiance and atmosphere, I think this is one of the best themed restaurant you can find in Jakarta..

By The Beach
Plaza Indonesia Entertainment X'nter 2nd Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta

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