Nov 17, 2010

Food Parade

Beef Curry Sausage
Grand Lucky Food Court
Sudirman Central Business District
around Rp22k

a 20-cm-long sausage with curry and tomato sauce served with potato salad and fresh lettuce.. it's a nice quick dinner and just the right portion for me.. the sausage is tender and crispy and I love the potato salad :)

Chicken Steak
Fiesta Steak
Senayan City Food Court
Around Rp27k

I think it's the favorite menu in Fiesta Steak.. deep fried chicken breast served with french fries and some vegetable.. I used to be in love with this dish, however, during my last visit, the chicken was not as crispy as I remember.. and I guess it's not suitable for diet :P

Sapo Tahu
Chinese-Tio Ciu food - ALI
Taman Ratu Food Park
Rp 25k

a huge portion of sapo tahu, consisted of japanese tofu, seafood, mushrooms and vegetable.. it is enough to share for 2 person.. it tasted really delicious and the ingredients are fresh.. so you don't have to worry.. I really love the food here :)

Hainan Chicken Rice
Mandarin Chicken Rice
PX Pavilion
Rp 34k (plus 10% tax and 5.5% service)

a complete set of Singapore hainan chicken rice with a huge chicken and a bowl of hot soup.. the chicken is tender and the sauce is really appetizing.. I love the garlic chilly sauce and the hot soup.. a bit pricey once you add the tax and service charge :P

Cheese Bagel
Starbucks Coffee
*bought by a manager for overtime - dunno the price*

it's the first time I tried Starbucks' cheese bagel and it's really good.. I LOVE IT.. there's those huge cheese block on top of the bagel and it's served with cream cheese.. I think I'm addicted to it..

Creme Brulle Macchiatto
Starbucks Coffee
Around Rp40 for a grande

it's a new drink from Starbucks Coffee which tasted similar to caramel macchiatto.. what makes them different is for creme brulle macchiatto, they burn some of the caramel sauce on top of the drink.. leaving a nice taste of burning caramel combined with a hot macchiatto.. slurpiii

Ayam Taliwang + Plecing Kangkung
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio No.18, Jakarta 12940
Around Rp30k

a half chicken cooked in taliwang style.. it's a Lombok signature dish.. you can choose the spiciness level, from "not spicy" to "suicide spicy" hahaha.. the plecing kangkung is also one of Lombok signature dishes, consisted of traditional vegetable with chilly sauce.. I guess the Lombok residents are in love with chillies.. I LOVE IT..

Green Tea Ice Cream
Plaza Semanggi
Rp 15k

a cup of japanese green tea ice cream.. quite pricey but I guess worth the price.. it's not too sweet -which I like-, a soft texture.. for those of you who are crazy of green tea ice cream, I think you should try this one :)

Chicken Noodle
Bakmi Ayam Alok
Rp 20k (full portion), Rp 13k (half portion)

this is one popular chicken noodle in West Jakarta area.. consisted of a full bowl of home made noodle and steamed chicken.. I like it, but quite pricey for me.. they also served chinese meatballs for Rp2k each..

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