Jun 22, 2011

[Bandung] Katjapiring

on our second day in Bandung, we decided to go to Paris Van Java, a famous shopping mall in Bandung.. we went there quite early that only a few stores opened, so there's not many choices for breakfast.. on our way looking around the mall, we spotted a nice-decorated restaurant, called Katjapiring, which offers Malaysian and peranakan cuisine.. it was decorated in an old China eatery, kinda brought us back to past..

on the night before, I didn't have enough sleep since the five of us were too busy sharing stories and catching up with each other.. I felt a little sleepy so I decided to have iced kopi tarik (Rp14,500).. I need some caffeine to survive haha.. it tasted just fine.. standard coffee with milk haha.. I didn't expect something too special anyway..

I was quite hungry back then, so I ordered a portion of Nasi Lemak (Rp10,000).. it came in a small portion, just the way I would have for breakfast.. once I opened the leave, it was filled with rice and the toppings (peanuts, boiled egg, salt fish and shredded chicken) were just too little for the amount of rice that I didn't finish my rice.. the toppings were dominated with peanuts, so it was like eating rice and peanuts only.. quite disappointing for me.. 

my friends ordered Mie Siam (Rp11,000).. just like nasi lemak, it came in a small portion.. I got the chance to try a little of it and it was good, especially the chili accompanying haha.. it tasted rather sour but nice, in my opinion.. a friend of mine didn't like it though.. well, I guessed it tasted quite unique that not everybody will like it..

what's the point of eating at a peranakan restaurant without trying the kaya toast? still, as a part of our breakfast, a big one I supposed, we decided to order Kaya Toast (Rp11,000) to share.. to our disappointment, it was butter-toasted bread with a small portion of kaya jam.. I think we can make it at home by ourselves..

overall.. I guess I wouldn't be coming back.. the food I've tasted didn't impress my taste buds.. it was disappointment after disappointment.. I think the restaurant should improve their menu and service.. oh, once we placed our order, the waiter brought us a small portion of free crackers.. I supposed it should be treated as waiting snacks.. once my friend asked for more (we were five hungry girls), the waiter told us that if we want to add more, we have to pay Rp5,000.. it was too much for a small portion of crackers.. so, again, I think I'll prefer eating somewhere else..

Paris Van Java GF GC 15
Jl. Sukajadi 137-139, Bandung
Ph.: 622 820633456


  1. if you want something cheap with a big portion of food in the early morning just like u said (in a mall) hallloooo...???!!! try to find out on d street beib...maybe "mie rebus or internet indomie telor kornet" its cheaper of course...next u better do that!

  2. wow.. such a pity that your knowledge of good and cheap food ended on "mie rebus or internet indomie telor kornet".. next u do much better before commenting lahh..



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