Jun 20, 2011

Pisa Cafe

actually it's been a while since I actually had dinner in this place.. it's even before I went to Bali, but due to no-time issue (haha..), I had to postpone writing this haha.. *excuses* okay, well, on one Saturday evening, I had a date with my best friend (yes, you can be proud :P).. we're actually on a mission to try something we usually had on our youth days (no, we're not that old, it's just some little things we do to make life a little more fun).. so we decided to pick Pisa Cafe, since we used to spend most our Saturday nights there when we're still in high school and college.. Saturday nights can be so packed when you're dealing with Jakarta's traffic, so instead of eating in the our usual place at Menteng area, we picked Pisa Cafe's branch at Puri Indah, located just before Puri Bugar..

the restaurant was not crowded when we arrived, though it was dinner time already.. Pisa Cafe at Puri Indah branch was a two-story building.. the first level is divided into air-conditioned area and outdoor area, while the second floor is more of a lounge area with live music performance.. we got ourselves a table on the first floor inside the air-conditioned area since we were looking for a cozy place to talk and share stories.. the dining area is very nice, with dimmed light.. it was still bright enough for us to be able to read the menu.. I really like it..

the menu is more various than I remembered.. we were quite confused deciding what to order.. my friend decided to try something new, and I followed haha.. I'm not a creative person, I guessed.. so it's Cuocere la Pasta e Formaggio (Rp39,500), which was baked penne pasta with chicken roast and salame beef topped with mix of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.. it was creamy and delicious.. I even finished my whole plate (usually I didn't finish my whole meal due to weight issue haha)..

Cuocere la Pasta e Formaggio

for drinks, we decided to picked something we used to order back in the old days.. iced lychee tea for me and iced peach tea for him (Rp14,000 each).. to my disappointment, the flavored tea we remembered used to be accompanied by the fresh fruit.. but that night, our drinks only consisted of tea and flavored syrup..
Iced Lychee Tea
going to Pisa Cafe wouldn't be complete if we don't order their famous gelato.. we decided to share a portion of Coppa Amore (Rp39,500) for the dessert.. it was basically a mix of six small scoops of gelato with wafer.. I don't remember all gelato flavors we ordered, but I remember that the best is tiramisu..
Coppa Amore
overall, it was one satisfying dinner with a good friend :) I think what matters most is the person you're eating with.. since good friends will always make a nice dinner experience.. will I be back? well, of course.. I love their pastas and gelato so much :)

Pisa Cafe
Jl. Puri Kencana Blok L6-88 AB
Ph.: 6221 - 582 8999

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