May 21, 2012

Around Macau

after visiting Shenzhen, we continued our journey to Macau by ferry (CNY180 per person).. the journey took around 1 hour.. the weather was a bit windy and since the ferry was quite small, it was not a comfortable journey.. most of the travelers are experiencing seasick (it was horrible!).. I was really thankful when we finally arrived at Macau.. so, my first impression about Macau is how clean and tidy the city is.. it was not a large city.. Macau is widely known as a heaven for gamblers, depending its income from gamblers and tourists..

our first stop was Fisherman's Wharf.. it was the first theme park in Macau, located in Macau Peninsula.. the area was mainly offers main attraction of Vulcania (a replica of volcano which erupts every evening), Aladdin's Fort (children rides), Aqua Romanis (a Roman-themed shopping center) and Roman Amphitheater (an outdoor theater for concerts and other performances).. unfortunately, the place was empty.. not much stores open and I believe the people I saw going around are those traveling with me.. such a shame.. we had our lunch at Lviz de Camoes, an all you can eat restaurant serving Portuguese cuisine, which tasted very good (sorry, I didn't take any pictures, busy eating haha).. the place itself was beautifully constructed, modern yet exquisite with a touch of Portuguese construction style.. you can even get a view of the harbor..

after filling our belly, we were good to go.. Ruins of St. Paul was our next destination, a place you just can't miss when you're in Macau.. originally was St. Paul's College and Cathedral of St. Paul, the complex of St. Paul was constructed in 1580.. the cathedral experience fire in 1595 and 1601, then was reconstructed in 1602.. however, a third fire during a typhoon in 1835 finally destroyed the cathedral, left only the front part of the cathedral.. I would say that the landmark was beautiful.. all the crafts, artworks and the classic cathedral building was really wonderful..

it was very crowded in the Ruins of St. Paul area, full with tourists taking pictures from every corner of it.. and it was such a hot and sunny day, so we decided to take a look around to find some refreshments.. lots of store were opened around.. one that caught my attention is a stall selling Portuguese egg tart (MOP7 per piece).. it was one of Macau's signature dish, puff pasty filled with egg yolk.. best eaten when hot, it was a great snack that you also can't miss in Macau.. not overly sweet fillings with crunchy puff pastry, it tasted awesome.. I love it so much.. unfortunately, we can not bring those pieces home to Indonesia.. near the stall was Koi Kei, quite well-known bakery chain in Macau and we found something to brought home, hot pork fillet (MOP48.95 for 0.5 kg).. it was very delicious when I tasted at home.. yummy..

continuing our journey, we headed to City of Dreams, located in Cotai reclamation area.. here, we watch Dragon's Treasure Show (MOP50 for non-Macau residents) featured in their Bubble Theater.. the 15-minute-show was about four Dragon Kings who each enjoys some moments of limitless power with Jade Emperor's mighty Pearl of Wisdom.. visitors were brought from one Dragon King's journey to another in a 360 degree dome screen.. as stated from Wikipedia, the theater combines 360 degree 3D audio, theatrical lighting both in venue and screen, show action scenic components, a state-of-the-art water curtain, special effects and CG animated media to immerse guests in a fantastical world beyond the limits of reality.. I must say that it was one of a kind show which definitely wowed me.. I didn't take any picture inside the theater because I was so busy watching all the dragons..

it was one great day for me in Macau.. nice, sunny weather in a clean city.. lots of beautiful casino-hotel buildings in Cotai Strip.. I'm enjoying my stay in Macau.. oh, for all the things you need to know before traveling to Macau, Jie's post about travelling to Macau is really helpful for me..

1 MOP = 1 HKD = around Rp1,200

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