May 6, 2012

The Goods Cafe

another Saturday night dinner with my best friend.. it somehow became a habit to spend my weekends with him.. and remembering that he will go quite soon is kinda make me a little sad inside, but I do wish him all the best of luck in the world :D  so, we decided to try The Goods Cafe in Plaza Indonesia, inside The Goods Dept... I have heard about this place for quite a while and actually he took me here to try their rainbow cake.. however, they were run out of it, so sad :(

anyway, though they run out of the rainbow cakes, we still decided to have our dinner there.. it was a small minimalist eatery, wooden furniture and dimmed lights.. I don't know why but these kind of eateries always brought a homey feeling for me.. lucky for us, the eatery was not too crowded.. lately, both of us got a bit too tired of noisy places.. please don't say it was one of the syndromes of being old haha.. 

their menu offers various dishes and I was quite confused deciding what to order.. but then I decided to play save with their classic burger (Rp50,000) and english breakfast tea (Rp23,000).. while my friend picked his favorite oxtail fried rice (Rp45,000) and iced strawberry tea (Rp28,000).. I always love a cup of hot tea, really relaxing and comforting.. too bad, the air-conditioner was very cool that my tea went cold really quickly.. I tasted a sip of his iced strawberry tea and it was really refreshing with lots of fresh strawberries, I think they were being very generous..

it didn't take long for our food to come.. let's see.. oxtail fried rice looked very appetizing, served with pickles and shrimp cracker crumbs along with a bowl of hot soup.. yum yum.. the taste was just as good as it looked.. I especially love the soup so much.. it was very tasty.. the oxtail was very tender and the fried rice was great.. moreover, the portion was huge! I bet that's the main reason my pal ordered it in the first place haha.. it was a hearty meal, indeed

my classic burger looked very appetizing and beautiful at the same time.. thick cheesy burger patty and veggies between burger buns accompanied with parmesan fries and fresh balsamic salad served on a chop-board was such pleasing in the eye.. the salad was top-notch.. it was very refreshing and I love their dressing so much.. too bad, it came in such a small portion.. the parmesan fries, served in a bowl, was also great.. it was not the crunchy type, instead it was a little bit tender and mushy but truly addictive haha.. and the star of the dish, the burger patty.. it was so thick, with melted emmenthal cheese on top, you just can't resist to like it.. the patty was very tender and even I love the buns.. I think you can't go wrong with a portion of classic burger :)

still curious about their dessert, we decided to share a portion chocolate bread pudding (Rp40,000) which looked really tempting in the menu.. the actual appearance was even more tempting.. melted vanilla ice cream on top of warm bread pudding.. it was heavenly.. I was intended to have just a bite of it, but ended up finishing half of it haha.. that's just how great it was.. the bread pudding was served warm and not too sweet, just the way I like.. as we were eating it, we can't stop saying "ooohh, it was so good" haha.. 

overall, I had a great dining experience in The Goods Cafe.. a bit pricey but worth every Rupiah spent.. a nicely decorated eatery with helpful staffs.. oh, the price stated above was subject to service charge 7.7% and tax 10%..

The Goods Cafe
Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th Floor
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Ph.: 6221 2992 3628


  1. Hi Chilla! The rainbow cake only survives one hour before they're sold out =P On weekdays, you can probably still get a slice after 1 pm if you're lucky. Whereas on weekends, be certain that it'll be sold out in a blink of an eye! That's how much people are crazy about it haha...I was lucky I came here for lunch on a weekday, so I got a slice =D

    1. whyy?? people nowadays are crazy about red velvet cakes and rainbow cakes.. it's really hard to get a proper piece of those cakes haha.. perhaps I should take one day leave to satisfy my curiosity :P

      thanks for visiting, Elly.. and thanks for the advice



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