Oct 28, 2012

[Gold Coast] Max Brenner

"I invite you to watch, smell, taste and feel my love story" -Max

that's the huge tag line welcoming us to the world of Max Brenner, chocolate by the bald man.. this brand was quite famous and it's on our must-visit list in Gold Coast.. why? because all of my travelling mates are sweet addicts.. we went to Max Brenner right after our lovely dinner at Peter's.. since we stayed in Robina area, we visited their branch in Robina Town Center.. it was very windy and cold at night in Gold Coast, especially for us, who had expected the warm and sunny weather..

the expectations were very high.. we have heard about all the good things in Max Brenner.. looking at their menu, we were quite overwhelmed by the amount of sweet treats offered.. after looking at the menu for quite some time, we finally made our decisions.. dark chocolat (AUD5.50), italian thick chocolate (AUD6.00) and hot cappuccino (AUD3.60).. of course, that's not all.. we added chocolate souffle (AUD10.00) and chocolate lick (AUD2.50) for share..

dark chocolat served in hug mug

Italian thick chocolate served in hug mug

dark chocolat and Italian thick chocolate were really recommended for you, chocoholics out there! dark chocolat was one of the signature drinks by the Bald Man.. it was really good! not bitter at all, if you're worried.. the Italian thick chocolate, as implied by its name, was a lot more thicker than the usual chocolat.. not too sweet but definitely too thick for my liking.. all of the hot chocolate drinks were served in a hug mug.. it was a specially designed mug for the chocolate drinking ceremony.. it was shaped specially for hugging in both hands, creating the coziness, warmth and fragrance while drinking.. this hug mug was very useful to warm our freezing hands.. 

hot cappuccino was my order since I was curious about their coffee section.. it was served in kangaroo mug with kangaroo chocolate bar which was meant to be left until melted on its own.. it was not a wise decision, ordering coffee in the chocolate-specialized cafe.. turned out that the coffee was a little bit bland.. the chocolate sauce was very helpful to make me finish the drink.. definitely not the best coffee for me.. however, the drinking experience was very unique.. served in a kangaroo mug, which was specially designed for adults on the outside but child at heart.. on the plate, it was written 'drink your coffee in a decent way (don't forget you are an adult) then lick the chocolate leftovers to keep the child in you forever'.. how cute is that? I was so in love with the cup that I nearly bought one home.. too bad, the AUD-IDR exchange rates was blocking my way..

the chocolate souffle was simply the best! it was served warm with oozing center of dark and white chocolate.. it was heavenly.. sweetness overload! the cake was very moist and was perfectly matched with the oozing melted chocolate in the center.. it was simply irresistible and I can't help it ruining my diet.. the chocolate lick was last but definitely not the least.. it was a pot of melted pure chocolate.. so how to eat it? well, the thoughtful Max has the solution.. a stick with a wider edge, similar to stirrer, was perfectly designed to eat this thing.. basically, you can lick the pure chocolate sticking on it.. it was a very pleasant experience.. like returning to your childhood with lots of cute tools to play with.. 

chocolate souffle

chocolate lick
overall, I was more than satisfied going to Max Brenner.. other than the quality of the products served or service given, the eating experience was definitely one of a kind.. it has successfully making me addictive.. wondering when they will open an eatery here in Jakarta.. I bet I will be a regular haha..

Max Brenner
Shop 1006 Robina Town Centre
Robina Town Centre Drive (off Robina Parkway)
Robina QLD 4230
Ph.: +61 7 5578 8571

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