Mar 3, 2013

Brunch at BonChon Chicken

if the Chinese are famous for their la mien and the Japanese gone crazy with their ramen, then the Koreans are proud for their myun! as a food-chain selling Korean dishes, BonChon Chicken brought the famous myun right to Jakarta, fellas! a few weeks ago, I had the privilege to try their new menu in a nice and warm food tasting.. now, let's get your tongue and tummy ready.. 

let's start with something sweet to quench your thirst first, perhaps after a long day at work or a crazy traffic.. I actually love their cup design :)

don't rush yourself, start slowly with something good to get your palate ready.. something like kimchi soup.. spicy and sour soup generously filled with Korean kimchi, tofu and scallions.. the soup was warm and nice with a generous fillings.. a strong sour taste usually found in Korean dishes.. if you are not a fan of sour dishes, then try something more Indonesian like the chicken soup.. a clear soup filled with chicken cubes, tofu, veggies and scallions.. by the way, thanks my fun food diary for your helping hands :)

or simply be safe and have their BonChon bites, available in original or spicy flavor.. personally, I prefer the spicy bites.. it was nicely drenched in spicy sauce in the perfect size for snack.. one cup would never be enough, trust me.. now if you want to have a healthier start, try fresh salad.. lettuce and carrot drenched in lemony sauce then topped with some crunch similar to Indonesian kremesan.. I didn't try this but some said the sauce was a bit lemony sour..

done with your appetizer, then here comes the myun which was available in the options of classic myun or spicy myun.. since I'm a huge fan of chili and all things spicy, I went with the spicy myun.. the myun was thick, made from buckwheat flour.. the main difference between spicy and classic was in the sauce.. the spicy myun came with a hot red sauce with cuts of scallion on top, while the classic one came in a milder red sauce.. taste wise, the sauce was actually good.. it was not too spicy for me, pardon my spicy tongue.. some complained it was too spicy, but I did enjoy the meal.. the chicken cutlet accompanying the myun, however, tasted a bit bland.. when confirmed to the chef, it was purposely made bland to balance the spicy sauce when eaten together.. I didn't try the classic one, but some fellow non-spicy lover foodies said it tasted a little sweet and still too spicy for their tongue and wished it was milder.. 
spicy myun | classic myun

after finishing the hot meal, spoil yourself with something sweet.. BonChon has two options of snowflakes (blueberry, strawberry or mocha) and mochi (vanilla, strawberry or mocha).. I had mixed mochi and as always, loved it.. one portion was never enough for me.. the snowflakes however, was not my favorite.. layers of ice shavings, red beans, cuts of mochi and your choice of sauce sounded quite good.. but somehow, the mix was not my kind of dessert.. their mochi were to die for, though..

and we were allowed to went home with these.. thanks a lot BonChon.. :)

BonChon Chicken
City Walk Sudirman, Ground Floor
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur No. 121, Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 5422 0116

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