Jan 18, 2014


Goedkoop is a small Dutch cafe, located in Bendungan Hilir area.. I have heard of this so-called small gem several times, thanks to the social media, and finally got the chance to visit.. Goedkoop literally means 'cheap' in Dutch and their tagline is 'warung kopi belanda' or Dutch coffee shop.. So, you know that I expected good, cheap coffee coming to the small cafe.. :)

It was Saturday afternoon after lunch hour when Jakarta's traffic was quite friendly.. The cafe only have 4 parking lots, which was already full, that we have to park across the street.. Inside, a small cafe, decorated in combination of vintage and modern furniture with dimmed lighting and ivory walls.. We picked a nice, personal spot in the corner, at the back of the cafe, which was quite nice.. Too bad this little cafe has no separation between smoking and non-smoking section..

The menu was quite simple in a single printed sheet, dominated by coffee and tea selection, then a few light meals and main courses.. So I decided to have hot koffie bon bon 18k, while my friend picked hot goedkoop latte 25k then we shared poffertjes 23k..

I honestly do not know whether those drinks are actual Dutch specialties, so let's just go on to the verdict time! The hot koffie bon bon was pretty! I love the coffee-milk-foam layer which.. The coffee itself was quite strong.. I would not recommend this to those who are not a frequent coffee drinkers, as your heart may not able to handle the effect.. The taste was balanced, bitter-sweet just the way I like my coffee, though my non-coffee drinker friend said it's too bitter.. 

The goedkoop latte was mediocre.. The tea and milk taste were too overpowering, I can barely taste the coffee, plus it was too sweet for my liking.. Definitely not my favorite..

The poffertjes were perfect! It was fluffy and soft and light and not overly sweet.. I love those tiny round mini Dutch pancakes.. Delish! Too bad the portion was a bit small.. One plate consisted of 8 small pieces, which I believe I can finished all in split second..

Overall, it was a pleasant coffee and snack experience in Goedkoop.. Our bills came in a small traditional clog, which was really cute.. The price was quite reasonable though may not be classified as 'cheap' for me.. One thing that bothers me is the service, which, in my opinion, needs some improvement.. The waiters were not friendly, but I gave credit for their speed as our orders came real quickly.. It was during our one-hour visit that not a single smile was given.. Started from taking our orders, delivering the orders and until handing us our bills.. It's quite disappointing for a 5% service charge..

Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya no. 62
Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 573 4430

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