May 18, 2014

Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva is one of the most recognized chocolate brand, famous for its premium chocolates. Opening their first Indonesia store in Plaza Indonesia, Godiva Chocolatier definitely have made all the chocolate lovers spoiled. A gallery of curated chocolate tucked in the corner of 1st floor. It's something you definitely do not want to miss. Plus, the employees were so helpful and hospitable, you'll feel like you're in some best friend's house.

The minute I walked in the store, it almost felt like a wonderland. A bright white store full of chocolates! I must be in heaven! Pralines, truffes, carres, chocolate bars, the heavenly Godiva biscuits and.. the infamous chocolixir. I am one blessed girl. So that night I was accompanied by the lovely, cheerful Ms. Fredericka Rendy who was very kind to introduce me to the world of Godiva. Come and join me.

First, let me introduce you to chocolixir, chocolate-base drinks made of the premium Godiva chocolate. The chocolixir series consisted of the classic dark chocolate decadence, milk chocolate decadence, dark chocolate mint, dark chocolate raspberry and the new white chocolate matcha. All ready upon your orders. Priced on a stunning 70k each does not impact the enthusiasm of loyal customers.

I was given the privilege to taste one of the classic series, and I wasn't quite sure whether to pick the classic dark chocolate decadence, or the attractive dark chocolate raspberry. Somehow I fell for the charm of dark chocolate raspberry and there I was, sucking the most delicious combination of the holy 72% dark chocolate and fresh raspberry sauce. It was really surprising to taste just how good the combination could be. Definitely one of a kind taste, which should go to your must-try list.

Godiva keeps innovate and finally introduce the latest innovation called, White Chocolate Matcha Chocolixir. This one is a white chocolate base drink with a touch of green tea. I was quite skeptical when hearing the name of white chocolate. Well, white chocolate is not my favorite, as it often taste too sweet and too creamy. But a blogger got to do what a blogger got to do. A nice, greenish and very appealing chocolixir appeared before me and I had my first sip... then my second, and third, and I just couldn't stop. It was one of the most delicious drink I have ever tasted. Surprisingly light and not overly sweet, with a strong kick of matcha. It successfully exceeds my expectation. I even finished my cup, until the last drop. That's how much I love it! Not exaggerating.

Of course, it's not official to visit Godiva Chocolatier before having their famous curated chocolate, right? On top of their famous truffespraline and carres collection, Godiva continues to innovate by introducing new flavors. All these to satisfy your craving, chocolate die-hard fans! And again, I was so lucky given the chance to try their latest addition to the truffes collection.. These babies will cost you Rp300,000/100gr.. Now, let's meet the gorgeous Godiva's babies..

Truffe Praliné Brésilienne
Truffe Praliné Brésilienne is my favorite of the latest collection. Milk chocolate filled with hazelnut praline then coated with crispy caramelized hazelnut. It was sweet-nutty burst in your mouth. What not to love. 

Truffe Mousse Matcha
Attention all green tea lovers! This is not to be missed! Green tea custard inside Godiva's dark chocolate, dipped in green tea powders. It was so good. A bit bitter due to the dark chocolate and green tea powder definitely kick you tongue to taste and welcome the new addiction.

Truffe Caramel Salé
This is dark chocolate-milk chocolate filled with rich liquid salted caramel. See the oozing liquid caramel coming out after the first bite? Yeah, it's sexy! Loving this till the last drop!

Truffe Mousse Vanille Mieal

Lastly I tried Truffe Mousse Vanille Mieal, wildflower honey infused ganache with light vanilla mousse, wrapped in dark chocolate and dipped into the creamy white chocolate flakes. This was too vanilla-ey and too sweet for my taste buds. Actually there is another new truffe addition, the Truffe Speculoos which is filled with cinnamon speculoos biscuit mousse, famous from Europe, but it was sold out and I didn't get the chance to try.

After trying their truffes, Ms Fredericka was kind enough to show me how to differentiate good from bad chocolate. And I'm sharing this little secret with you.
1. See. The surface of a good chocolate is slightly oily but very clean.
2. Touch. A good chocolate has the smooth, clean texture, not too dry and rocky but not easily melt
3. Smell. Of course, you have to be able to smell strong cocoa from a good chocolate.
4. Hear. Try breaking the chocolate next to your ear and hear the sound which should be just right, not to loud (means too dry) and not without sound (means too much milk).
5. Lastly, my favorite part.. Taste. A good chocolate should not be leaving any trace on your mouth, tongue or throat.

50% dark chocolate carres

Godiva Chocolatier
Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 Unit 114
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 15350
Ph.: 6221 2992 3972

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