Jul 27, 2009

another saturday in orchard garden

Last saturday, I had a date with my lovely boyfriend.. As usual, the place for our date is taman anggrek mall :) we spent about 8 hours there hoho.. Well, the actual reason we chose MTA is that Aang has just return from bandung in the morning, so we picked a place that was reachable for both of us.. Anyway, I love MTA if you reckon from my previous post..

So anyway.. We had our lunch together in gokana teppan.. i picked this place because I’m longing for ramen.. i had the super hot ramen with 3 chilies while Aang had the beef teriyaki set.. We both ordered the ice lemonade for our drinks.. The ramen is quite good actually.. Though the noodle is like indomie, i love the soup and it's not that hot for me.. so, i can eat it without getting sweat all over me hoho.. Aang's food is quite nice with a very cheap price though it's quite a small portion, especially for his big stomach hoho.. The ice lemonade is too sweet for me.. I had better one.. But anyway, it's still a good place to eat for me, remembering the 'smart' price of the food :)

After our lunch, we decided to watch the 'Public Enemies', tempted by Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.. Well, for me it's just another gangster movie.. nothing is really special haha.. A bit disappointed remembering I used to adore every Johnny Depp's movie (excluding 'Sweeney Todd' urgh..) So anyway, maybe I had too much expectation hoho.. I still think it's worth to watch.. I still in deep love with Johnny Depp though haha.. I really thought he's a good actor with great choice of movie :) And I think Marion Cotillard was very beautiful and lady-like in that movie..

Anyway, I just googled and found the true story about this John Dillinger.. That's the picture of him.. I read his story in wikipedia and I think his life is very interesting.. Well, if you don't have anything particular to do, just read or google his story..

After the movie, we had our dinner.. It's the all you can take salad in Pizza Hut.. I was a big fan of salad.. And for me, this Pizza Hut salad is the best among all (until now).. I love the salad dressings, macaroni, the bread and scrambled-boiled egg.. Okay, it's really mouth-watering for me haha.. We had this full bowl of salad together and we can't even finish it.. Okay, Aang was not quite healthy, so he lost his appetite..

Well, anyway, here's our picture together in gokana teppan..

i wuff you, dear ♥

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