Jul 13, 2009

warm.cozy.lunch @ pizza e birra

At my age (early 20), I realized more how precious friends are.. Eventhough I don't really know them back then, but it's always a nice thing to be able to meet old friends.. the ones you spent your high school with..

Well, last saturday, I got the chance to meet my old school friends.. It's kinda a surprise, since we didn't actually plan it.. We met at this new restaurant in Plaza Indonesia Extension, Pizza e Birra.. I knew this restaurant from my colleague in EY.. So, I think it's worth the try.. Anyway, there were 8 of us eating at Pizza e Birra.. And this is the review..

The above picture indicated what I ate..

The first one is a BBQ pizza.. I forgot the name of the pizza since it's my friend's order.. um, it's delicious and has a nice crust.. i love the thin pizza.. IDR79 (large)

Next is Bond.. Pizza Bond.. It's one of the signature pizza in Pizza e Birra.. turkey bacon and turkey ham melted in cheddar topped with sour cream and guacamole.. this is the best for me.. though my friends prefer the first one.. IDR79 (large)

The below picutre is fish and chips in a stand.. it's actually our appetizer.. and the tartar sauce is the best.. i love love love it :) it's worth the try although it's quite expensive for the small portion.. IDR39

Other than those food, my friends ordered the fun flavoured beer.. it's beer with fruit flavor, including lychee, peach, mango, etc.. the peach beer is quite nice.. i don't really know why people love beer since I don't really like it.. the peach beer is acceptable though hoho.. IDR39 each

Overall, the ambience is nice and the food is great.. though it's quite expensive.. I think it's worth the food and the ambience.. Love the Pizza e Birra.. and hoping to come back soon hoho..

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