Sep 24, 2009

girls day out..

had a wonderful day out with my lovely college girls in Grand Indonesia..
we had a lovely chit chat.. the chit chat continues through out our time together..
watching the dancing fountain..
walking around the mall.. had a little shopping moments..
having afternoon snacks in Food Louver..
buying some cakes for our loved ones at home..
ended up in one of my friend's office haha.. (a weird ending, really)

this is where we spent most of our time together..
the lunch place.. My Pancake..
we had this five dishes all together..
this is my favourite part eating with them.. WE SHARE.. literally..

what we had was..
1. spaghetti with marinara and tomato sauce
2. fried fettucinne with dried chilli and sausage
3. fettucinne with smoked beef and mushroom
4. strawberry lava pancake
5. black delight waffle

anyway.. i trully had a great time with the girls
we haven't update our news lately..
so our conversation becomes really interesting..
really wished to have another day out together more often :)
i heart you, girls..
anyway, this is our pictures together

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