Nov 4, 2009

Lunch Review: Konro Bakar

Hum.. dah lama banget kaga apdet ni blog haha..
maafkan aku.. abis sibuk cii...

anw, as an auditor, part of my job was control testing.. basically, it's a procedure done to ensure that our client has a good control.. which eventually would minimize the risk of fraud and material misstatement of financial statements.. then, the control testing should be done, not only in the head office but also in the branches.. why? because in head office, the employees tend to do everything well, according to the SOP etc, etc..

uda beberapa hari ini, gw lagi control testing di salah satu cabangnya klien gw.. located in the one and only PECENONGAN.. the good news: they have all the delicate food.. the bad news: most of them opened at night.. haha..

so, today, i had this lunch at the nearest restaurant to the client's office.. it's called 'Aroma Makassar' with the big banner stating 'SOP KONRO', 'KONRO BAKAR' etc.. i'll be honest with you.. i had never taste the so called 'konro' i think, why don't give it a try.. since almost everybody was praising it..

there were just me and my office mate..she decided first to order the 'sop konro'.. i was still confused what konro is.. so, i asked her with the most innocent look.. 'konro apa sih?'
and my friend answered with a big grin.. 'ga tau..' okay.. hahaha.. finally, i asked the waiter who answered: 'itu iga sapi'.. as simple as that haha.. so i ordered the 'konro bakar' and this was what it looked..

here they are, the baked konro, the soup and the rice.. the baked konro was served with a saus kacang.. (peanut sauce?) the soup was not the pure soup, it was mixed with i don't know what haha.. still.. it was delicious.. um, i'm kinda not used to eat this food, because there was something unusual to my tounge about the soup..but i enjoy every bite i had.. (well, maybe since i was too hungry..) the konro was very tender.. not the kind of rib that would fight back when you slice them.. which make it very delicious..

the price.. 
konro bakar IDR30
sop konro IDR28
rice IDR4
hot tea IDR1
sweet hot tea IDR2

well, a bit pricey for an office lunch.. but still worth the taste :)

Food: 8/10
Place: 7/10
Price: 7/10

disclaimer: the picture was taken after i ate a bite of it..
due to the computer upgrade in the office, my lovely adobe photoshop was uninstalled.. and can't be installed unless i asked for the office's IT.. so, i can't edit the picture.. sorry for the not-so-aesthetics photo ;P

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