Nov 10, 2009

Dinner Review: Ayam Bakar Taman Tenda BNI 46

Since my lovely client was located in the dukuh atas area.. we often eat at the taman tenda BNI 46.. it's located right next to the BNI's building.. well, this is one of my favourite dish.. i mean, i trully love grilled chicken.. but this one is really nice..

the chicken was served with rice, kripik kentang and lalapan.. what i love the most is.. THE SAMBAL... i'm such a sambal lover and for this dish, the sambal consisted of two kind.. i don't really know the difference, cause i always mix both of them.. then pour a little ketchup.. and here we go haha..

the chicken was tender.. actually i would prefer the breast, but that night, the chicken breast was sold out.. anyway, the chicken was grilled with the ketchup and other ingredients, so you can still taste the spices which completes the tenderness of the chicken..

the kripik kentang is very nice addition.. because it adds more flavour to the dish, not just plainly the grilled chicken.. a very worthed chicken for IDR10

Food: 8/10
Place: 6/10
Price: 8/10

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