Dec 25, 2009

Dinner Review: Kwetiaw Sapi 78

last Saturday had this dinner with pacar :) it's one of my favourite restaurant near house actually.. i always love beef fried kwetiaw (how to write this? kwetiaw? kway tiao?).. my favourite was the one in mangga besar.. unlike the other chinese beef kwetiaw, this one is halal.. means no pork included.. but it still good.. my mom prefers this one because she is reducing the amount of pork to be consumed by our family haha.. health alert..

anyway, I took my pacar to have our dinner here.. he also fancies beef fried kwetiaw.. we ordered our favourite menu, the fried kwetiaw.. of course, this resto also offers other way of cooking, including siram, bun, yam, etc etc with selection of kwetiaw, noodle or rice.. we ordered only one portion since I'm on my diet and he had to reduce the tummy hahaha.. (peace ^^) then we ordered 'sari kacang hijau'.. it's a blended kacang hijau.. I'm in love with this drink, it's like the one offered in Kwetiaw Akang in Muara Karang..

So the food? it's delicious.. I've never get bored of eating beef fried kwetiaw.. it's served with 'acar timun' which, according to pacar, was very good.. I don't like cucumber, so I didn't try it.. the service was excellent since you can get your food like 5-10 minutes after you order.. the drink? like I've said, I'm addicted to it haha.. so yea, right now, for me it's more delicious than the famous starbucks caramel frappucinno hehe..

below is the picture.. enjoy drooling :)

Kwetiaw Sapi 78
Greenville - Jakarta Barat
Food: 8/10
Place: 6/10
Price: 8/10

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