Dec 25, 2009

Lunch Review: May Star

For our Christmas, me and my family had our lunch in May Star in Central Park.. I've heard about this resto for quite a while and many mentioned that they provided good food.. so there we were this afternoon with a quite high expectation.. when we arrived, it's around 11.45 a.m and the place is full.. very crowded indeed, so we have to wait for about 15 minutes before we could get our seats..

the may star menu

first, we ordered the 'Buncis Ayam Cincang' IDR48.. the taste was very good actually, it's kinda sweet and makes you want to eat more and more haha.. the buncis was garing.. I love the way they cook it :) but it's kinda expensive for the small portion they provided.. I was expecting a larger portion when I looked at the price..

next, xiao long bao IDR17.8.. I've been craving for the xiao long bao for quite a while and so when I looked at the menu and found xiao long bao, I definitely say "Yes, I do" to it haha.. the taste was good, or maybe since I've been craving, it's not objective anymore hehe.. but there's one thing that's really disappoint me.. the xiao long bao was leaking before we even took it causing the soup to burst out.. urgh, I hate it.. because one of the thing I've been craving is the way to eat the xiao long bao.. anyway, fortunately the taste is very nice, that I'll forgive haha..

'Pangsit Scallop with Tobiko' for IDR17.8 tasted just okay... nothing really special.. I've tasted one similar to it in Ming Restaurant - Senayan City..

Cheong Fan Chasiew for IDR15.8 tasted really good.. I didn't expect it.. I thought the sauce will be too salty, but I was wrong.. it's sweet and very gurih.. love it so much.. moreover it was filled with minced chasiew..

'Cheong Fan Goreng Saus XO' for IDR15.8.. it's actually my mom's order.. because in the menu book, this dish looked very tempting.. however, the actual food was kinda not as we expected haha.. the taste was just okay.. it's only fried cheong fan with some chilli sauce, afterall..

we also decided to try the rice menu 'Nasi Chasiew Panggang' for IDR30.8.. the chasiew was good but overall the dish was just ordinary, nothing special.. the acar is extraordinary actually, it's kinda sweet and sour, nicely blended in your mouth haha..

last, we got 'Mie Daging Sapi Sup Shezchuan' for IDR30.8.. well, when people say "save the best for the last", I think it's applicable for this one.. this is the best.. love love love it sooooo much haha.. *drooling* the meat was very tender and the soup was excellent.. the noodle? it's the kind of thin noodle and not lembek which make me love it even more..

the service was not too good actually.. well, maybe since the resto was so crowded in the lunch time.. I have to wait for like 15 minutes to get my credit card back.. and we have to asked several times before our noodle came..

overall? gonna really come back for the noodle... FOUR THUMBS UP :)

May Star
Central Park Mall LG floor

Food: 8.5/10
Place: 7/10
Price: 7/10

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