Dec 8, 2009

Lunch Review: Get Hooked at Fish&Co.

last saturday, had a nice lunch with sang pacar at Fish & Co.. it's actually our late celebration for the first anniversary along with the 13th monthversary hahaha.. we've been so busy that we can't get ourselves some time to have a nice dinner or lunch together.. anyway, so we ate here at the Fish & Co. Taman Anggrek (again) haha.. actually I wanted to have the lunch at Plaza Indonesia, however it was raining, so we decided to go somewhere near my house.. moreover, there's a 50% discount with Mega Credit Card for food only with minimum order of IDR150 thousands..

first, we ordered the drink-like-a-fish blackcurrant tea.. which turns out to be so good.. I totally forgot that the nestle blackcurrant tea actually tasted that good haha.. (IDR19)

before the food came, I took this picture of the sauces offered.. and my favourite sauce is the tar-tar sauce.. it was so good.. the best tar-tar sauce I've ever had.. definitely addictive..

I ordered the best fish & chips in town.. a classic meal here at Fish & Co. and still never disappointed me.. I love the texture of the fish and the way the fish blend with the butter sauce.. I also like the sourness of lemon and of course, lots of tar-tar sauce.. the fries was also good, not too dry and just right.. (IDR59)

next, we ordered the garden salad.. remembering the fish & chips got no veggie at all.. this photo below is a destructed form of the salad.. again, I forgot to take pictures and eat it right away hahaha.. it tasted so good actually.. it's a very simple salad, consisted of lettuce, baby tomatoes and cucumber poured with salt fish and fried garlic.. the sauce is mayo sauce, I guess and some sweet brown sauce.. when you mixed it all.. it tasted so great.. not the usual and rather boring kind of salad..(IDR32)

ow.. and here's me with my favourite dish in that restaurant.. the tar-tar sauce..

this is sang pacar with his order.. new york fish & chips.. it's actually the basic fish and chips, only there's cheese inside the fish.. I'm a cheese lover so for me.. it tasted good.. but I couldn't finish it due to the large portion.. so he ate the rest of the food hahaha :)
overall, we had a great lunch and came out with very full bellies.. the taste of fish & chips never disappoints me and Fish & Co. offered the best.. however, it's a bit pricey if there's no discount hahaha.. I surely will come back once there's another promotion *hoping eyes* haha

here's us.. celebrating our 13 months of relationship.. hope there's thousands to go :D

Fish & Co.
Mall Taman Anggrek 4th floor

Food: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Price: 7/10

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