Dec 5, 2009

Dinner Review: Santiga Seafood

A few weeks ago, I had this dinner with my EY friends in a hawker tent located in Bendungan Hilir, Sudirman Street.. It's very easy for you to find, you can just turn left after the BRI building and found a large tent with a large banner, saying "SANTIGA SEAFOOD".. It opened only at night and was VERY CROWDED.. yea, I went there on Sunday,  anyway.. It's our overtime dinner (which means, I'm working on sundays).. anyway, there you can also be entertained by street musician with the full set of equipment.. not the kind of street musician which played songs in the bus.. they're more like a more professional street musician hahaha.. they brought all the music stuffs they need along with the speaker.. you can order any song you wanted to hear and write in a piece of paper along with some money.. then you can have your song played.

Anyway, since it was so crowded, we have to wait until we can be seated.. can you actually believe that? we were in the waiting list in a hawker restaurant hahaha.. guessed eating at the side of the street offers you some experience..this restaurant had been quite famous in fact.. well, finally we got our seats and ordered right away.. here they are..

ayam saus tiram or chicken in oyster sauce.. we ordered this actually because one of my friend does not like fish, so we tolerate her by ordering the chicken.. the chicken was quite good, actually.. it's just i'm not used to eat chicken in a seafood restaurant so it's kinda weird haha..
next, it's tumis kangkung or stirred fried kangkung.. it's very delicious.. i really like the way they cook the kangkung.. fresh and very tasty.. i always ordered stirred fried kangkung in almost any restaurant offering it haha.. *a big fan*

next comes the calamary saus padang or squid in padang spicy sauce.. i love the sauce sooooo muchhh but the calamary was alot.. i dunno the english word.. um, let's say it's not tender.. so you need to work a little hard biting it.. a little failure comparing to the very nice sauce..

then comes the main course.. ikan kuwe bakar or grilled fish.. it's very big, you know.. but this is the best part.. it's very delicious and had a tender taste of the fish.. worth the price..
last, we added the cumi goreng tepung or fried calamary.. it's just standard for me and again, the calamary was not tender..
Overall, this restaurant offered a lot of menu variations and was a successful hawker restaurant.. a bit pricey for me remembering they don't really offer any coziness, except for the live music.. but okay since it was my friend's treat.. that's why I don't really remember the price.. I'm not paying hahahaha :D
Food: 6.5/10
Place: 6/10

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