Mar 17, 2010


last Monday, I had a dinner.. it's actually a farewell and birthday dinner with my former colleagues in EY.. there were 8 of us who were treating the whole team.. haha.. it's a mass treat :) we chose the American Grill in Plasa Semanggai.. anyway, I had so much fun there.. meeting old friends has always been such a great pleasure :)

this is what I had.. the pink salmon... which taste... um, just ordinary hahaha... I would prefer the ribs ordered by my friends :) it's still good, the salmon is well cooked but it's kinda not worth for the price.. anyway, I had it with a mashed potato and the mashed potato is too sweet for me.. so, it's just an okay food.. nothing is really special... but I love the ribs... :-)~
the pink salmon - IDR105,000

the whole attendants of the party..

and I got this little farewell present.. thanks :)

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