Mar 21, 2010

New Job And Dimsum

It's been three weeks since I got into the new office.. Things has been quite great.. I'm still adjusting though.. new place, new friends, new job description.. It's not as easy as it sounds.. I always thought that it would be easy.. Um, I'm not saying that it's hard.. But there are times when I missed my old habbit, you know.. When you've worked for a company for nearly two and a half year, it'll be your 'comfort zone'..

I've complained about that job.. I hate the long working hours they required from me.. But on the other hand, I love the people there.. I love our jokes, laughters, gossip time, kepo time and all that.. I love how people works there, the casual time we had during office hours, the instant noodles in the middle of the night, all of it.. You know, when you left something behind and in one point of your life, you look back.. all you can see is the good memories.. I think I tend to remember only the good ones..

I'm not regretting.. from the very start, I knew what my decision's consequences.. It's not easy for me to make that decision but I convinced myself that after I made that decision, I have no reasons to regret.. I'm thankful for the new job, the new environment.. It's been a blessing for me.. It's just not wrong to miss the old one, right?

Well, enough talking about the job.. I had an all-you-can-eat dimsum time with my bf in Clover Palace Restaurant located in Central Park.. it costs us IDR49 each and you can have all the dimsums.. the all you can eat menu doesn't offer too many variants.. and some of those menu are out of order.. anyway, I had previously read the review from here.. and i'm interested.. the all you can eat program is only available from Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m to 5 p.m.. during Sundays and public holidays, they offer 30% discount for the dimsum.. and they have another 50% discount everyday with Mega Credit Card..

Anyway, this picture can tell you what had gone to our stomach :)

(from left to right) siomay ayam, cha siew pao shanghai, tim ayam saus tausi, kuo-tieh, talas goreng, phoenix tallons (it's actually steamed tallons with Sze Chuan sauce), lumpia udang kulit tahu, hakao kepiting, siomay sushi, kue pisang goreng, onde-onde goreng and jasmine tea.. (we also ate Lo Mai Gai, but I didn't take any picture of it)

the bold ones are my favourites.. well, I fell in love with the Hakao Kepiting.. it's really yummy. with the cilantro leaves (wansui) which my bf doesn't like very much.. but I love it haha :) one unique dish is siomay sushi, it's like fish ball wrapped in nori with some sweet & sour sauce.. I love love the steamed tallons so, yeah, I love it.. the last, but the most favourite is kue pisang goreng.. it's basically a fried banana with some chocolate fla then poured with sugar.. it's DELICIOUS... my mouth is watering hahaha..

overall, it's quite delicious and affordable at the same time :) recommended.. however, typical all you can eat restaurant, the service were not too good.. well, maybe since it's lunch time and the place is quite full, some of our orders were late and one food didn't come out :(

all you can eat dimsum: IDR 49
free flow chinese tea: IDR5

Clover Palace Restaurant
Central Park Mall - LG Floor #139-140
West Jakarta

Food: 8/10
Place: 8/10
Price: 8/10


  1. Menunya cuma 12 macam saja ya ?

    49k = exclude tax ?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. um, per minggu lalu, temen gw kesana ternyata promo AYCE dimsum nya uda abis.. yang ada cuma promo diskon 50% pake mega credit card :)

  4. dimsum, the food is very tasty, for working time: D



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