Apr 24, 2010

Breakfast Review: Kopitiam Eastern

I always love meeting with friends.. it's my life vitamins.. when you meet your friends, all you can have are good food and laughters.. which will definitely make my day :) I had these two best friends since in high school and somehow we can manage to become friends up til now.. which is amazing.. lately, due to our works and our personal stuffs, we don't get to meet each other as often as we used to.. but today, we managed to have brunch together.. we had our segregation of duties dan wanita ini adalah penggagas waktu pergi sementara pria ini adalah penentu tempat dan penyetir :) gw? penghubung keduanya hahaha..

where? Kopitiam Eastern, Flavour Bliss, Alam Sutra (021-53140357)
below is the picture that says it all...

the ambiance is quite nice.. and it's very crowded at the time we visited it.. the tables and chairs are made of wood which kinda resembles the old chinese restaurant.. okay, straight to the food.. actually, I wanted to try the mixed coffee and tea but then I drooled for the dimsum and I was really hungry that morning.. so we have: shanghai dumpling (13.8k), nasi hainam ayam rebus (22k), siomay (11.8k), lo mai kai (11.8k), steamed paikut sapi (15.8k), hakau (13.8k), pangsit kepiting jepang (13.8k), lumpia udang kulit tahu (13.8k), pancake durian (15.8k), lumpia durian goreng (16.8k) and chinese tea (12.8k).. sampe cape loh ngetiknya hahaha.. which costs us a total of 162k before tax or 178.2k after tax.. means we have to pay 60k each..

let me just tell you my favourites.. which will be pangsit kepiting jepan YUMMY :) it's basically steamed shrimp mixed with crab steak.. not the ordinary dimsum I usually eat.. then what amazed me is lumpia durian goreng and pancake durian.. I'm a durian lover so you can't complain if I adore these dimsum.. I especially like the lumpia durian goreng.. though I won't complain about the pancake durian.. other dimsum is just ordinary.. eadible but not outstanding..

overall, I had a great experience there, we talked a lot and eat a lot hahaha.. will I come back? hum, that's a 50-50 chance.. since it's quite far from where I live.. but considerable for trying something new..

Food: 7.5/10
Place: 7/10
Price: 7/10

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