Apr 23, 2010

Dinner Review: Kwetiaw Aciap (Halal)

I had this dinner with CT in Kwetiaw Aciap right in front of my office.. it's weekday's dinner, so we prefer to eat somewhere near my office or near my home.. and we usually eat Bakmi Irian, but I get kinda bored with the noodle hehe.. so, I think of trying something new.. although the food offered is not new.. well, these are our dinner..

the first picture is Bun Kway Tiao (it's basically fried kway tiao with a little thick sauce) and Fried Kway Tiao.. um, it looks like type of kway tiao from Medan which do not use much soy sauce.. it's kinda pale (kway tiao in the picture looks rather dark because of not enough light and i'm using my bb camera.. don't blame me hehe..) the resto is quite full, although we ate it after dinner time (around 8 p.m) and all tables are occupied.. the resto offered not only kway tiao but also noodle, vermicelli and rice with the choices of goreng, bun, yam, rebus and siram..

anyway, about the taste.. I love it.. it tasted just right.. not too sweet, not too salty.. just nice.. I really like it.. and since I wasn't expecting it to be this good, it's exceeded my expectation :) it costs us for Rp19,000 each, Rp4,000 for liang teh, and Rp500 for plain tea plus Rp3,000 for kerupuk palembang.. recommended for you working around Karet area :)

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