Apr 21, 2010

Snack Review: Maqui's Cake

this is one of the famous cake I heard people talk about lately.. and when you're walking around Senayan City, you'll notice how almost everybody bring a bag of it.. PENASARAN donk.. so one evening when I was hunting for a pair of shoes in Senayan City, I stopped by at this stall.. it's not even a store, it's only a small stall right in front of Burger King and Cold Stone..

the stall is decorated in pink and brown.. a soft and country kinda colour which I like.. (I like every colour, anyway) um, Maqui's offer a few products including this small pie, pudding, cookies and chocolate.. I tried the pies.. there were six flavour of them; chocolate, rare cheese, edam cheese, cream cheese, almond and green tea.. i was going to buy one for each flavour, however the package is only for 5 pieces, so I didn't try the chocolate one..

taste: I fell in love with the rare cheese.. it's really really really delicious.. the cream is soft and just right.. I don't really know how to write the taste in words.. I just LOVE it..I also love the edam cheese pie, the cheese is a little stronger than the rare cheese.. but I also LOVE it.. my second favourite.. while the almond and green tea is just ordinary.. well, the almond tasted just like muffin and I'm not a big fan of green tea.. the green tea is actually good but I'm just not a fan.. for the cream cheese, I don't really like it.. it's just ordinary..

price: Rp8 thousand each.. it's expensive for a very small cake.. worth for the rare cheese, though :)

packaging: very nice.. I would give an A if it's an exam.. it's really cute and neatly made.. I think half of the price is charged for the packaging..

overall: I will definitely be back for more rare and edam cheese :P~

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