May 31, 2010

Hong Kong Cafe

hum.. it's been a while since my last post.. um, been quite busy since.. apalogize T.T anyway, I would like to review this new place called Hong Kong Cafe.. located in Central Park Mall, which is also quite new.. I had this lunch with my bf and we have to queue for almost half hour!!! I was so hungry back then, and my menu came the last.. so sad.. Hong Kong Cafe serves -of course- Hong Kong menus.. which was a fusion of chinese dish and Portugal dish.. every Hong Kong cafes I've known serves quite the same menu.. so here's what we had..

ice milk tea - curry chicken nissin noodle - HKC special baked rice
for drink we had Ice Milk Tea (IDR13.5) which is very delicious in my opinion.. I dunno why, but maybe because I always like milk tea.. yea, so it's not objective :P

bf had this Curry Chicken Nissin Noodle (IDR27) which noodle looks exactly like *nd*mie selerakuuu... it tasted quite okay though.. we were quite surprise to see the noodle since in the menu, it's stated that the nissin noodle won't be the same like you have ever tasted before.. well, I haven't try any nissin noodle before.. well, nevermind hihihihi.. the curry sauce is delicious.. I love it.. but then again, I love curry..

I had HKC Special Baked Rice (IDR39) which is baked rice with mixed seafood covered in two different sauce, creamy sauce and tomato paste sauce.. I always thought that mixing creamy and tomato paste would be really weird but this one tasted good, unexpectedly.. I prefer the tomato paste though.. since cream + baked cheese = can not eat much.. the dish is actually nice, but not outstanding which makes me think it's kinda overpriced.. and it took forever to come out.. I have to ask the waiter for several times.. well, I think because it was quite crowded that day and probably they only have one oven to bake the rice and this dish is one of the favourite here..

Overall, I think I would come back to this place only if it's not crowded.. because it definitely can ruin your mood when you have to wait for half hour to be seated and wait another half hour for your food to come to your table..

Food: 8/10
Place: 7/10
Price: 7/10


  1. seminggu kemaren gw dua kali makan di HK Cafe, di blakang kantor ma di CP, huehehe...

    Dan kalo kata temen gw, ga gitu enak, hambar, ad yg kemanisan dll, menurut gw std2 aja, ud nyoba baked rice, yg nissin noodle curry it, am yg spicy&salt chicken rice it..

  2. hihihi.. klo mnurut gw, baked rice nya enaakk.... cuma lama nya minta ampun tiada tara hehehee....



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