May 31, 2010

Family Time: Bali Jimbaran2

a few weeks ago, my beloved brother -who is currently making money abroad- came back to Jakarta for vacation.. so, when my little brother -who is wayyyy larger than me physically and people started to think that i'm the youngest child in the family.. well, I don't mind actually :P um, we usually eat here at Bali Jimbaran 2 in Muara Karang.. it's a seafood restaurant and tasted delicious with a very reasonable price.. well, if it's a combination of these three components, then I can not resist hehehe..

Kerang Ijo Saus Padang - Kangkung Terasi - Cumi Goreng Mentega
Ikan Bakar Bumbu Bali - Kepiting Soka Goreng Tepung - Tauge Ikan Asin

well, I don't remember each item's price.. but I think overall it costs us about 250 thousand rupiah for 5 persons.. not bad, rite? um, my favourite would be the Ikan Bakar Bumbu Bali.. I dunno what ingredients they put into it but it tasted really delicious.. it's spicy and refreshing.. okay, i'm drooling here haha.. I also love the Kerang Ijo Saus Padang..

in this restaurant, you get to choose your own raw seafood and the way to cook it.. they served us quite fast and the food are great :)

I'm in love with this place :P

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