Aug 25, 2010

chubby eater :)

my mom is a great chef.. trust me :) she can cook almost anything that is served in the restaurant.. um, I think every mom is challenged to be able to cook meals served in restaurant.. and so is my mom.. whenever we eat somewhere, she'll taste the food carefully then try to make something similar at home.. well, sometime it works but sometimes, apperently she'll have to let the restaurant win :) well, once upon a time, we had tried mushroom fettuccine in Pancious restaurant.. and my mom, like always, try to make one at home.. well, this is how it looked.. and tasted just as great as it looks.. well, that explains why I haven't visited Pancious in a while..

it's basically fettuccine cooked with usual carbonara sauce.. you can add smoked beef or bacon if you like.. but at that moment, we were run out of smoked beef.. then, buy some fresh champignon mushroom, cut into small pieces then dip into instant flour.. and fry.. put several of the fried mushroom once the fettucinne is cooked.. add lettuce for the vegetable.. and voila.. here you have a perfect bowl of mushroom fettuccine :)

next... Bakmi Ayam Alok (Rp12/half portion, Rp17/portion).. it is located in Jalan Mangga, Tanjung Duren.. it has been a famous noodle stall near my neighbourhood.. from what I heard, the original owner used to sell this noodle near Universitas Tarumanagara, in a small stall.. now, it has become very popular and has several branches in Jakarta.. what I love about this is.. the noodle.. it's home made and really chewy.. nice texture.. accompanied with shredded chicken.. the noodle soup is also very delicious.. I love it of course :)

in front of my office, there's a big banner of a small restaurant called Rice Box.. from the menu, we can see that they offer many variations of food with affordable price.. all  chicken over-rice dishes is Rp12.5 each, while beef or squid over-rice is Rp15.5 each and seafood over-rice is Rp18.5 each.. you can choose the way to cook the meat.. they also offer variety of fried rice with the speciality of black fried rice (fried rice cooked with squid ink).. well, that afternoon, I tried beef black paper (Rp15.5) and it tasted nice.. more than expected, remembering the price :) however, the restaurant is quite small, remembering that they're actually focusing on delivery services.. anyway.. despite the place, it's nice to know there's a good food with a nice price near :)

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