Sep 5, 2010

Food Court Mall Taman Anggrek

Rujak Juhi Food Court Mall Taman Anggrek (Rp19).. this stall was quite popular in Mall Taman Anggrek.. and very crowded during eating hours.. the stall also sells asinan betawi, rujak etc.. last week I tried the rujak juhi.. and tasted nice.. I love the peanut sauce combined with brown sugar.. I'm a fan of juhi anyway :) so I love this dish.. it actually consisted of fried tofu, potato, lettuce, rice cake and juhi.. then poured with the sauce, add a little chilli and eat it with the krupuk.. nice combination.. I'm drooling :P~

Asinan Betawi Food Court Mall Taman Anggrek (Rp18).. it's my mom favourite dish from this stall.. and my favourite too now :) asinan betawi  is served with peanut sauce while asinan bogor  is served with red sauce, I dunno from what ingredients :P lately, I was craving for asinan betawi with the peanut sauce and this MTA food court sells the best :) kinda expensive for a plate of vegetables, peanut sauce and krupuk.. but worth the taste you have in your tounge :)


  1. hi,
    nice to hear that you like those dish..
    because the one who made the receipt of rujak juhi in MTA is my grandmother,,
    and I really happy if you still be and always be our customer for the next time..

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