Sep 5, 2010

[Revisit] Mr. Park

Okay, since my last visit to Grand Indonesia when I tried Mr. Park at GI Food Louver.. I had been curious with their other dish with a portion for 3 persons.. so last week during dating with bf, we decided to try the family set menu for 3 persons.. though there's only two of us.. well, bf's tummy is consider one whole person, so there was the three of us :P

so here's the look of the family set.. actually they served two kinds of family set.. I don't remember the differences between both.. what we had was Family Set A consisted of korean fried rice, sweet & sour chicken, bulgogi and udon, chicken cutlet, fried bee hoon and fresh salad.. it cost us Rp69k for all the dishes.. well, in my opinion.. all of the dishes served tasted good.. I love the salad, it's really refreshing with not too sweet or too sour mayonnaise.. just perfect.. I also love the chicken cutlet and korean fried rice.. other dishes are edible and good but not special.. the portion is really large.. even my bf's tummy is full :D so next time, better have two companions before ordering this set.. I also attached a picture of me with the family set.. just to give you a complete picture about the size of the plate :) 

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