Sep 5, 2010

Break Fasting at Poste

in the world of business, in my opinion, one of the most important thing is network.. and maintain the network we have.. last Thursday, we had this vendor, our system provider, inviting us over for break fasting.. well, since the place they picked is quite new for us, we decided to come.. though earlier, we felt kinda lazy haha.. the dinner is held in poste kitchen + bar, a cafe and lounge located in East Building, Mega Kuningan.. I rarely go to mega kuningan but I love the environment there so much.. I just hate the traffic we have to face in our way.. anyway, since it's a cafe and lounge, I kinda question why they picked this place.. since the title of the event it break fasting.. and it's a lounge.. well, just wondering..

front door of poste

they provided a general room and private room for special occasions

there's a LOVE in the wall

well, our meal that night has been arranged, so we just sit and wait for the waiters to come and bring us our food.. first, we were given ta'jil with choices including kolak pisang, cendol and kolak biji salak.. I opted kolak biji salak but didn't finish it.. I'm saving my tummy's volume for other food.. here comes the food.. prepare yourself..

appetizer: asparagus wrapped in sliced beef
delicious :) like the combination of asparagus and beef and the brown sauce

corn, chicken and egg soup
just standard soup.. kinda too much seasoning

main course: steamed chicken
tasted too bland.. have to eat with other sauces to make it taste better
the texture of the chicken is tender, however

main course: mixed vegetables
this dish includes carrot, cauliflowers, broccoli, beans
tasted quite refreshing.. but nothing special

main course: black pepper beef
standard standard standard.. edible but nothing special

main course: fish fillet with kangkung
it's cooked with ginger and when you eat this dish, you taste the ginger only..
they put too much ginger so I can't even taste other ingredients

dessert: fresh fruit
yahh.. nothing special.. just fruits :)

dessert: chocolate ice cream
did not try it..

dessert: chocolate pudding
YUMMY :) love this pudding.. and the tissue is really a nice touch

well, overall.. the food is kinda disappointing.. I have had a high expectation entering the door.. but when it's served, I only enjoy the asparagus wrapped in sliced beef and the choco pudding.. not coming back unless invited.. we didn't get to order anything or even looking at the menu.. so I don't know what else they serve.. probably the drinks would taste better.. the place is cozy for hanging out with friends and the ambiance is really nice and warm..

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