Sep 6, 2010

My First Tony Roma's Experience

have been together with bf for 22 months :) happy.. well, last Saturday, we went to watch Public Enemy Number 1 starring Vincent Cassel.. it's a story about the life of Jacques Mesrine, one of the greatest bad guy in world's history.. the movie was based on the book he wrote himself during his time in prison.. the beginning of the movie said that no 'based on true story' movie can really tell the truth, parts of it were still fiction due to the director's interpretation.. the movie itself is kinda boring.. with a flat story line and boring soundtrack.. added with some brutality and I've got a movie that I completely can't enjoy.. wrong pick of movie, I guessed..

after a boring movie, we went for dinner and what we had for dinner was.. Tony Roma's ribs-seafood-steaks, located near Ratu Plaza building :) I'm drooling already.. just for your info, it's my FIRST time eating at Tony Roma's.. okay, go ahead.. pity me.. haha.. I've been wanting to try this for a long time and thanks to my lovely bf, the dream came true :P

the menu

the ambiance - classic old American style restaurant

our dinner: 
complimentary bread
lime juice (Rp25k)
vanilla milk shake (Rp25k)
full onion loaf (Rp55k)
original baby back ribs - half slab (Rp160k)

full onion loaf
it's a big bowl of deep fried onion rings loaf served with special mayonnaise sauce.. YUMMY :) i love it.. and the best part is I love crushing down the onion tower.. I think they need a Master graduated chef to create this dish hihi.. as I was eating, I kept wondering how to make this :D you can choose to have half onion loaf or full onion loaf.. half onion loaf was Rp45k and much smaller than the full onion loaf.. so in my opinion, better add Rp10k and you'll get yourself a full onion loaf which satisfy you tummy and tongue :)

original baby back ribs - half slab
FINGER LICKING YUMMY... all my life, where have you been, baby back? okay, okay.. as cheesy as it sounds it is that great.. and for those who didn't notice, it's actually pork ribs.. well, all pork meals is delicious for me :) our baby back ribs was accompanied with coleslaw and mashed potato and served with original sauce.. the mashed potato is really nice.. very soft texture and there's butter inside which melt just as we were eating the potato.. it's topped with cheese and small crumbs of smoked beef.. nice nice nice :) the baby back ribs is tender and well cooked, especially when you add the sauce, it makes a perfect combination.. I love it.. and I want more, please.. 

overall, I am satisfied with all dishes served and planning to come back some other time in the future.. it's kinda expensive, but I think it's worth all the food.. so you can spend your money happily.. however, during our visit, the non-smoking section is full.. turns out that they only spare 20% of total capacity for non-smoking area while 80% is smoking area.. so we have to sit in smoking area.. I think they should add more capacity for non-smoking area.. more people are non-smokers, right? 

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