Oct 11, 2010

The Bee's House

a few weeks ago.. okay, admit that I haven't post anything lately.. too busy with work.. (excuses.. excuses).. back to post.. a few weeks ago, I had a dinner with two friends.. the vitamins of my life.. at The Bee's House.. it's actually a quite new restaurant near our houses.. one of my friend had tried this before and recommended it.. so there we went.. then a few weeks later, I also went there with bf and had the same main course but tried different dessert.. the restaurant provided many variety of food, including risotto, pasta, steak, nasi goreng and so on..

Well, this is my choice of dinner.. it's called German Style Beef Sausage (Rp24k).. it's a big beef sausage drenched in barbecue sauce, along with mashed potato, salad and some sauteed cabbage underneath.. I heart it.. the beef sausage is not as big as it seen.. it's just the right portion for me.. I love the tenderness of the beef and the crunchiness outside.. I also love the sauteed cabbage.. though at first, I thought it's unusual.. the mashed potato is kinda too mashed.. so it's like potato porridge, but still edible.. the salad is too small that you can finish it with a few bites..

My friends ordered this seafood and chicken risotto (Rp25k each).. which I heard quite delicious.. though kinda small portion.. it's served with original parmesan cheese, which was a good thing.. I tried a bite and like it.. it's more than edible, though not quite outstanding.. I'm gonna try this some other time..

On my first visit there with my friends, we shared the Blackforest Pancake (around Rp20k, I think).. it's a two-stack-pancake drenched in dark chocolate sauce and choco  chips then served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.. the pancake is fluffy.. the portion is not too big.. which I like for dessert.. since I can't eat too much sweets.. this is just right for me.. I love to eat the hot pancake with vanilla ice cream.. *drooling drooling drooling* 

On the next visit with my bf, we tried Coffee Cream Pancake (around Rp20k too I think).. it's another two-stack-pancake drenched in coffee, chocolate sauce and cream then served with mocha ice cream.. which I LOVE so much.. I'm a coffee lover and definitely can't resist the pancake + coffee + chocolate + mocha for sure :) I kinda think that I'm addicted to this dessert.. I want some more, please :)

Overall, I think this place offers some great menus with a reasonable price.. the place is quite cozy though the smoking and non-smoking area are not separated well.. you can still smell the smoke even when you're sitting in the non-smoking area.. the waiters and waitresses are nice and helpful.. I'm definitely coming back :)

The Bee's House
Komplek Green Ville Blok AV/16
Duri Kepa, West Jakarta

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