Oct 11, 2010

Cream and Fudge Factory

during the Lebaran holiday (I know it's been a while), I had a day out with my girls and we enjoyed the empty Jakarta.. really missed it right now.. we went to Sands in Mangga Dua Square for a dim sum time.. it's all you can eat dim sum for only Rp57k (net after tax and free-flow Chinese tea)..  cheap right? well, the dim sum served is edible and some of those were nice.. the place is really crowded and it's actually a function hall turned in to a restaurant.. so you felt like eating in somebody's table party.. no picture posted for Sands since I was too hungry to take a picture.. well, we took pictures of ourselves, not the food :P

since Jakarta is so empty and there's no attractive dessert in Sands' menu.. so we decided to go to Grand Indonesia, trying to find some good dessert.. and we went to the Cream and Fudge Factory.. which is already famous for the mix ice cream.. there were four of us and we ordered two portions of ice cream, the Coffee Break and All Berries Cheesecake.. you can read the description below :) they cost approx. Rp60k each.. quite pricey but worth the taste.. moreover, when you're eating with your friends, means you split the bills.. so it costs us Rp30k per person to enjoy the goodness of those ice cream.. I think I'm in love with those :)

and below is our picture at Sands.. I love you, girls 

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