Nov 7, 2010

I have fulfilled my promise to come back..

in my previous post regarding Yogyakarta, I have fulfilled my promise to return there.. and what makes me happy is everything is on the office.. hooraayyy :) well, a few weeks ago, Finance Division held an outing and on-site CSR (corporate social responsibility) in Yogyakarta.. 

Yogyakarta is one of the most beautiful city I have ever seen.. the people are warm and very friendly.. everything sold there is cheap, at least compared to Jakarta's standard.. I love the air, environment, the people and almost everything :) the unique thing is they still use 'aksara Jawa kuno' or ancient Javanese letters in daily living.. you can see that in every street signs, there will be Indonesian language and Javanese letters, like below.. which I found really interesting.. moreover, they have the cute English signs, such as 'turn left, go ahead' which of course, means you can directly turn left in certain streets..

Yogyakarta is also famous for batik, you can find batik in almost everywhere and in any forms: adult clothes, children clothes, home appliances, bangles, mask.. everything, you name it.. I, myself, have fallen in love with batik, so it's like heaven for me.. nice batik everywhere, good price, good quality and free to bargain.. see, I'm so in love with this city.. other than the batik, they have a good culinary, which I have posted before here.. I love the Malioboro street and Pasar Beringharjo so much that I went there everyday on my 3-day-trip..

we stayed in a boutique hotel in Yogya, named Phoenix Hotel.. it's actually an old building, I guess, but they managed to keep it clean, nice, warm and vintage without being old and rusty.. I love the ambiance since you can feel a taste of Yogya heritage.. most of the furniture are made from jati wood.. there's a becak in the dining room.. and most rooms are available with a balcony which I love so much :) too bad, my room is heading to other building's roof, so there's no good view.. the hotel has a new building at the back, near the gymnasium and pool.. the food for breakfast is varied and similar to a five-star-hotel.. they provide salad bar, egg section, western food, indonesia food, vegetarian sections, bread, etc. they also have one mbok who can prepare you jamu as requested.. jamu is a Javanese traditional healthy drink, consisted of Indonesian traditional herbs..

hearts for you 

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