Aug 1, 2010

Mr. Park

I always like Grand Indonesia.. it's big and had a lot of stores.. however, it's kinda confusing to decide where to eat.. I usually eat in Food Louver, since it provides varieties of food.. but I always get confused picking what to eat and where to buy..

last saturday, I came to GI and watched SALT.. and once again, we had our lunch in Food Louver.. near to our seats there's a new stall which is very crowded that people are queueing to order.. well, it's a rare situation there.. unless the restaurant is KFC..

the stall is called Mr. Park Korean Casual Dining.. in front of the stall they put some artificial food and it shows a very big portion.. I thought that the commercial is overrated.. but then I saw when people were picking up their orders and the portion is as big as the artificial ones..

well, I finally give it a try.. I had Chicken Gujuzhong (?? I forgot the spelling).. well, it's basically chicken wings and legs cooked in sweet and spicy sauce.. it was served with rice, coleslaw (well, sort of), sweet corn, a small egg rolled, some sauted beans and I don't know what.. haha.. I think it's pickles but tasted sweet, consisted of thin beancurd, onions and cabbage.. it cost me only Rp31k after tax plus Rp4k for the small mineral water..

and it tasted good :) I really like the chicken and the spices.. the chickens are tender and mixed well with the sauce.. the sidedishes are also great.. I love the coleslaw.. their mayonaise is rather sweet.. the food is served to us not long after we ordered, although it's quite crowded.. I noticed that the waiters and chefs really didn't have time to slow their hands, since orders are coming.. this stall also served family pack which is presented in a big round plate to be shared for 2-3 persons; consisted of 5-6 different menus.. Mr. Park also offered bibimbab, kalbi, bulgogi, chicken and beef cutlets and some other menus I don't remember haha.. well, it's definitely additional choice if we're going to eat in GI some other time.. smart price and large portion really suits me :)

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