Aug 8, 2010

Lunch @ Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory is one of the popular cake shop in Jakarta.. well, at least that's what I thought :) I love their mixed fruit cheesecake.. uda brapa kali dapet gratisan dari tmen yg bday :P tasted really good for me.. I love cheesecakes.. okay, apa si yang gw ga suka? anyway.. last saturday, had a lunch date at Cheesecake Factory Tomang with bf.. event nya adalah 21 months.. time surely goes really fast.. suddenly we've been together for such a long time.. happy :)

anyway, Cheesecake Factory ga cuma menawarkan kue-kue aja.. they also provided pasta, pizza, steak, burger, salad.. basically, just like the ordinary western restaurant.. we both had teh tarik for our drinks.. I had hot teh tarik and he had iced teh tarik.. I like the hot teh tarik.. it's nicely blended and not too sweet.. His iced teh tarik is really sweet, I think they poured too much milk there.. teh tarik cost us Rp15k each.. I noticed that their drink list is quite pricey..

bf had angel hair aglio olio.. it's listed as one of the chef's recommendation.. it's basically the angel hair pasta cooked in aglio olio way.. angel hair pasta is a very thin variety of Italian pasta; based on my googling it's also called capellini or capellini d'angelo.. which tasted like bihoon for me.. haha.. this dish actually tasted good; well it's typical aglio olio with not much spices.. it's cooked usually with olive oil and in this case, along with fresh shrimps and mushrooms then topped with cheese.. Cheesecake Factory's portion is quite big and cost us for Rp47.5k.. quite worth the price, imho..

I had this mushroom and spinach canneloni.. which looked just like lasagna.. and it's also marked as chef's recommendation.. well, the canneloni is filled with mushrooms, spinach and cheese and covered with some more cheese.. this dish is completed with pour of tomato paste and balsamic vinegar then goes to the oven for short bake to melt the cheese.. and it tasted AWESOME.. i LOVE it :) I love spinach, mushrooms and melted cheese combined with the tomato paste and balsamic vinegar.. well, I basically love it all.. matched my tounge really well.. and it also comes in a big portion and I can only finish half of it.. costed Rp45k..

since it's a celebration, we decided to order a piece of cake.. I was craving for tiramisu over the last few days, but when I came to the bakery section, I was distracted with other good-looking and drooling cakes.. so, I changed my mind and order this chocolate truffle (Rp17k).. which turns out to taste not as good as it looks.. um, it's too heavy for a dessert and after a few bites, my stomach begins to refuse eating more of it.. haha..

well, overall, we had a great lunch.. a cozy place and it's not crowded at Saturday noon.. so, we can spend as much time as we wanted and the place is comfy.. it's quite pricey for my standard but it's worth the taste and portion and atmosphere.. so yeah, it's for certain occasions only..

P.S I'm still drooling looking at the spinach & mushroom canneloni :P

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