Aug 1, 2010

Sushi Tei

I had this lunch with bf in Senayan City.. I was craving for sushi and to be specific, I wanted Sushi Tei.. wanted it so bad hehehe.. and it was fulfilled, so I'm happy :)

my bf wasn't so hungry back then, so he agreed to have sushi with me.. moreover, there's a promo with BNI's Credit Card points and we both have our points.. too bad we can't combine our points.. haha..

well, we had Chuka Iidako (Rp28k) for the appetizer.. which is delicious.. I'm sure that most of you had known this before.. but I just want to emphasize a little bit more that this dish is really delicous.. it's actually baby octopus (probably their father named Paul) in a sweet sauce.. I really like the texture of the baby octopus.. okay, drooling all over again..

next we had Salmon Skin Spicy Roll (Rp28k) which is included in the special dishes page in the menu.. and it was really really really really REALLY delicious.. I'm addicted to it.. it's my first time trying that dish and I want more.. I love the cruchiness I get from the salmon skin and it's just perfect :)

last but definitely not least, we had Jumbo Dragon Roll (Rp70k) which is quite a routine menu I had everytime I visited Sushi Tei.. however, I don't taste anything really special.. maybe because I had too much dragon roll.. so it's just okay.. I guess I should try other jumbo roll to replace this some other time..

overall, I had a good sushi time with free refillable ocha and we got ourselves a private spot.. Sushi Tei is kinda more expensive than other sushi restaurant, but I guess it's worth every penny :)

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