Aug 1, 2010

food food food :)

I'm working in Sudirman area, around Karet to be exact.. and luckily we have a lot of restaurants there.. my former colleagues in the accounting firm had also resignend and coincidentally their new offices are close to mine.. so we usually had a friday lunch together.. and we had this delicious food around Karet :)

lomie karet Rp30k

Lomie Karet is located in Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio right in front of Menara Standard Chartered.. it costs 30 thousand a portion.. I ordered Lomie Goreng (fried lomie) and some of my friends ordered Lomie Kuah.. well, I love the lomie.. it's a thick noodle, similar to udon.. it's quite expensive, though.. you can choose whether you want your lomie with chicken or pork or both.. the fried lomie is a little wet.. um, how did u say that in english? i like to call it bechek.. I love it, really..

nasi hainam campur - Rp20k

the previous friday, we had nasi campur, it's located near the Lomie Karet and Kwetiaw Aciap.. I just forget the name of the restaurant *my bad*.. um,it's been decades since I ate this kind of dish.. so, I LOVE IT :) i'm not being objective here hehehe.. the meat and the soup are delicious.. the price is also reasonable for the portion we got.. okay, I'm drooling even by looking at the picture.. I will definitely come back for more..

1 comment:

  1. Thats nasi campur ahong. At Taman Foodpark Sis =D. Here's the twitter account @tamanfodpark. Come again! =D



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