Feb 26, 2011

Kwetiaw Sapi 28

this place was one of those restaurant I called heritage.. I've known this restaurant since I was so little.. my dad was such a big fan.. it was located in Mangga Besar area, West Jakarta.. I remember that when I was a kid, we (mom, dad, bro and me) have a routine on Saturday night to go out and eat somewhere.. this was one of the most common destination.. afterwards, we would ask dad to drive us around Jakarta, see MoNas (Jakarta's National Monument) at night.. those good old times.. anyway, last week, my mom, cousin and I went here again..

the interior has not changed much from what I remember.. still no air con and at night, they will add extra tables and chairs outside the stall.. you can see the wall was so old with the fan and chairs.. it's a heritage, I've told you :)

the special menu here is, of course, kway tiaw.. my fav menu is fried kway tiaw (Rp22,000) while my mom's fav menu is kway tiaw in thick, gravy sauce (Kwetiaw Siram - Rp22,000).. my cousin wasn't a fan of kway tiaw, so he tried something else, vermicelli with mixed meat (Bihun Kuah - Rp22,000)

Fried Kway Tiaw

Kway Tiaw in thick gravy meat sauce

Vermicelli with mixed meat 
okay, let me tell you.. this place is the best restaurant to eat fried kway tiaw in Jakarta.. I LOVE IT so much.. I don't know what ingredients they put, but the kway tiaw was cooked well, not overcooked, with generous fried beef meat.. the portion was huge but there's something that kept me going on eating, though my stomach was quite full.. I didn't try the vermicelli but the kway tiaw in thick, gravy sauce was also amazing.. the gravy was delicious and again, the meat was generous.. a nice place to remember old time food which is still as good as I remember.. 

Kwetiaw Sapi 28
Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No. 72
Ph.: 021-2373 2828 

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