Mar 9, 2011

Mangkok Putih, the Noodle Bar

during a training held in Setiabudi 2 building, I managed to sneak out and had a quick lunch with college friends.. we decided to have lunch in Setiabudi One, in this restaurant called Mangkok Putih, or literally translated as "White Bowl".. it was designed in a simple, modern look, with a hint of red, just like the logo.. the restaurant was consisted of two area, smoking and non-smoking.. however, the non-smoking section was located in the hallway, in front of the restaurant while the smoking is located inside the restaurant, a cozier place I think.. 

actually, Mangkok Putih positioned itself as a noodle restaurant, as you can see in the menu, it was dominated with all kinds of noodle dishes with friends, including kwey tiaw and  vermicelli.. the noodle was cooked in various cooking style from Asia.. anyway, I decided to try their Thai cuisine, called Pad Thai (Rp37,000) and a cup of Hot Tea (Rp8,000).. it came after a while and in a quite big portion.. the pad thai was quite good.. not special, but it was decent.. I enjoy eating it especially after I poured some lime juice.. the toppings was generous with lots of shrimps.. however, the rice noodle was overcooked, in my opinion.. so overall, it was just an okay lunch.. not special, but not too disappointing.. quite forgettable, I guess..

Mangkok Putih, the Noodle Bar
Plaza Setiabudi One 2nd Floor
H.R Rasuna Said Kav.62
South Jakarta
Ph.: 6221-521 0548

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