Mar 15, 2011

Seribu Rasa

a few weeks ago, I had a nice, warm lunch with old high school friends.. at first, it was just the three of us, then another two come to join.. ended with watching 'no strings attached' joined with another different friend.. haha.. it's a friend-Saturday for me.. anyway, for lunch, we decided to try Seribu Rasa, literally means 'Thousands Flavors' located in Menteng area.. this restaurant specialized in Indonesian and Asian -mostly South East Asia- culinary.. it is managed by the same group managing Penang Bistro and Hong Kong Cafe.. 


main dining area

a corner in the main dining room

private room
it's beautifully decorated with a touch of Indonesia traditional heritage, which I really like.. this restaurant offers a calm and elegant dining experience.. it's suitable for a big family feast or a romantic candle light dinner :) the restaurant is quite spacious and the toilet was the best.. unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the toilet, well, I'm doing 'my business' there :P I think I'm really stunned by how they decorate the place, showing how much they were into this business.. oh, and I also loved the little shell vase filled with flowers and available in each table.. little things do matter :)

all right, off to the menu.. like I've said before, Seribu Rasa offers various menu, focusing in Indonesian and South-East Asian dishes.. in the drink and dessert section, they offers quite a lot of drinks that I didn't get the chance to go through one-by-one..thinking that we're having quite a big lunch, I decided to order tea as my drink to balance the amount of food going to my tummy.. chamomile honey tea (Rp16,000) was my choice.. I think it'll be a great combination, the healthy honey and the light chamomile.. 

when that drinks came, I was kinda surprise.. it was a cup of tea cost Rp16,000 yet it was served in a see-through cup, around 12cm tall, which was similar to teacups used in hawker coffee shop.. and it's not refillable.. so I have to satisfy my thirst -again, by paying Rp16,000+tax- for a really small cup of tea.. luckily, the taste of the tea tasted really good.. just as I thought, the honey went really well with the aromatic chamomile..  nice, warm and relaxing.. a good way to start a lunch :)

here comes the food.. first to be served was oyster omelette (Rp45,000).. fried  egg filled with oysters and served with sweet sauce.. this typical dish was quite famous in Singapore, if I'm not mistaken.. however, Seribu Rasa's oyster omelette was more like Chinese fu yung hai.. the egg was too thick, I guess.. as for the taste, it was good.. the oysters were fresh and went well with the egg and sweet sauce.. eat it with one plate of hot rice and you'll get your tongue spoiled.. 

next we have Tom Yam Prawn Pattaya (Rp75,000).. apparently, they also served this Thailand's special dish.. it was served in a big pot.. I have to say that this is the star of the lunch.. the prawns were huge and generous.. even the soup tasted really good.. I just can't stop my hand from pouring another spoon of soup to my bowl.. the herbs was enough and not overpowering the prawns.. the prawns were tender and huge.. four thumbs up :)

for the veggie, we ordered Daun Singkong Tumbuk (Rp39,000), or literally means crushed cassava leaves.. crushed cassava leaves dish was originated from North Sumatra or Batak area.. actually, cassava leaves was also used in Padang cookings, but not crushed.. the way of cooking from both area were similar, since both used coconut milk.. Seribu Rasa's cassava leaves was just okay for me.. I mean, I can find similar dish in much cheaper price.. my other friend was a fan, though.. it tasted just okay for me :) oh, I have to warn you that the portion of their rice (Rp7,500) was so small.. guys, you better ask for two portions, unless you're on a diet.. girls, don't event think of sharing the rice with your other girlfriends..

we are greedy.. not enough with the main courses, we continued our lunch with two desserts.. yes, TWO for the three of us :)
we opted es campur seribu rasa (Rp24,000) and ketan hitam mangga (Rp28,000).. es campur was supposed to be filled with lots of fillings, including coconut, cincau, cendol, pomegranate, avocado and tape.. well, this one is also filled with those stuff, only in much smaller portions.. it was then served with mango juice -or mango syrup?-.. basically, the one plus point I get from es campur seribu rasa was the good taste of mango juice poured on top of the ice.. other fillings were just standard.. for the ketan hitam mangga, it was black sticky rice with slices of fresh mango poured with coconut milk.. it was yummy and unique.. I've never felt this dessert before, so it offers another taste of Asian desert.. turns out that mangoes and black sticky rice was a good combination.. 

overall.. I had a great lunch experience here.. it was quite pricey since it was a fine-dining restaurant, but worth for some of the meals.. I think what made it great was I was accompanied by good friends, good talk, loud laughters and it had made my Saturday.. 

Seribu Rasa
Jl. Haji Agus Salim 128
Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221-392 8892

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