Mar 16, 2011


after our Sunday service, my mom and I decided to try something new for lunch.. actually, we have spotted this restaurant for quite a while and it was quite crowded every time we passed it.. so we stop by at Tosoto.. it's located in Tanjung Duren area, near Pasar Tomang, which was quite close to our neighborhood.. 

written on the front page of their menu is their history.. it was told that Tosoto was a full, complete package consisted of Soto Madura Wawan, Soto Ayam Lamongan Pak Rejo, and Bebek Goreng Harissa.. it was established since 2008 in Surabaya and had expanded its business to other cities.. 

off to the meals.. we decided to try their famous Soto Daging Madura (Rp19,000) and Sate Ayam Daging (Rp20,000).. soto is one of Indonesia's special dish, made from beef broth filled with vegetables and most commonly, beef or chicken.. Soto Madura, just like its name, is originated from Madura, East Java.. it tasted a lot like Soto Lamongan from another part of East Java, only its broth is thicker.. I'm not a cooker, so forgive me for not knowing the additional ingredients..

Tosoto's Soto Madura consisted of only five pieces of beef.. it was quite shocking that I directly calculated that each piece of beef has cost us around Rp4,000.. Soto, in my opinion, was best served with additional lime juice and soysauce.. the broth was very nice.. actually, I'm not a fan of soto.. but this one was good.. tasted nice and not too much herbs.. just right and goes really well when eaten with warm rice :) 

then came the Sate Ayam Daging, literally translated to Chicken Satay without chicken fat and skin.. each portion consisted of ten skewers, served with chopped red onion and a slice of lime.. the satay was good, but not special.. the meat was tender and I like their peanut sauce.. I think I would prefer the hawkers' chicken satay.. it was just okay :)

for the drinks, my mom opted iced lime juice (Rp7,000) while I picked hot lime juice (Rp6,000).. well, nothing could go wrong with a glass of fresh lime juice.. so it was nice and not too sweet.. a good refreshment for the body.. I have to admit that eating a hot bowl of soto accompanied with a glass of hot lime juice was not a good idea, because the combination of those two kinda burnt my tongue haha.. but both was good, separately :)

overall, Tosoto's Soto Madura was really nice and it's worth to return.. though I think I should order their Soto Daging Dobel (double portion of beef - Rp28,000) next time.. 

Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No. 58
West Jakarta
Ph.: 021-5685059


  1. I think you should also try Mie Kuah Jawa, and Sate Kambing which are also favourite choices :)

  2. Hi.. thanks for the info yaa.. i'll try it next time :) thanks for visiting this blog :)

  3. No problem, thanks for posting it on ur blog too :)

  4. it's my favorite food, the very famous betawi Pepes food. thanks for sharing



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