Mar 16, 2011

Tamani Kafe Grill

in life, people should work to earn some money to eat; and should eat to earn some energy to work.. a continuous circle of life.. I have to say that I love working.. though tiring sometimes, it still brings joy to me.. at least, I have something I could do to make some money.. as stated in my profile, I'm a banker, which means, of course, I work in a bank; in a foreign bank, to be specific.. I have just worked here for a little more than a year.. a newbie, you can say.. working for a foreign bank could be really stressful.. 

I am working in Finance-Regulatory Reporting, which brings more pressure and burdens.. it's one package I think.. my job description was actually fulfilling all of Bank Indonesia's requests and regulations.. but that could be pretty hard sometimes.. each month, our team will have at least four days of overtime.. other than that, the central bank still got other special requests which should be delivered on timely basis.. 

okay, enough with the job.. I wanted to share that though working could be hard, it helps a lot when you got a nice and healthy working environment.. well, lucky for me, I got a great team.. during our overtime, we would cheer ourselves by buying good food for dinner, sharing our jokes and laughters.. sometimes, sing along together.. it really reduced the stress level.. one of our fun time would be a lunch treat by our manager.. so here's the story of a lunch treat at Tamani Kafe at Citywalk, Sudirman..

I decided to pick grilled salmon with mashed potato and black-pepper sauce (Rp78,500) and thai iced tea (Rp14,900).. my grilled salmon was beautifully set on the plate.. it started with mixed vegetables, then 140gr grilled salmon and topped with mashed potato.. the black-pepper sauce was used as garnish and separately served in a pot.. the salmon tasted great.. it was tender and well cooked.. it went well with the black-pepper sauce as I was looking for something spicy.. the mashed potato was creamy and it tasted nice.. my thai iced tea was magnificent, as always.. I think Tamani Kafe was quite famous for their thai iced tea and it's true.. 

overall, I'm satisfied with the food and drinks I had.. especially when it's a treat :) one thing I have to complain is the service, it takes almost one hour to prepare our meal.. it was quite crowded at that time, as it was a lunch time.. but I suppose preparing our meals should not take such a long time..

Tamani Kafe Grill
Citywalk, Ground Floor #15-16
K.H. Mas Mansyur No. 121
Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221-2555 6673

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