Mar 17, 2011

Eat & Eat Food Market

last week, I had another date with my mom.. Eat & Eat Food Market is one of the top food court in Jakarta, I guess.. their tagline is 'Creating Food Adventure'.. unlike other food courts which only provided tables and seats, Eat & Eat Food Market design the food court in a old chinese-peranakan market styel.. it was managed by PT Marche Indonesia and now has two outlets, one in Mall Kelapa Gading 5 and the other one in Gandaria City.. what I love about this food court is the food they offer are so various, raging from Chinese food to Indonesian food.. I mean, you can find stalls that don't exist anywhere else.. the drinks and dessert section is also one attractive corner :)

at the time we visited, it was on Sunday and lunch time so it was really, really crowded.. I mean, there were people everywhere, it's quite hard to find a table.. lucky for us, we got a small table on the corner, so we don't see too many people passing around us.. due to the crowd, I was unable to take proper pictures of the place, so you can just go here to see better pictures :) to eat here, first, you have to go to the cashier and pay certain amount of money.. the cashier will give you a card filled with amount you have paid, that card can now be used to pay your food..

all right, back to business.. here's what my mom ordered.. Fish a la Thai includes rice (Rp25,454) in a stall named 'Singapore Chicken Rice'.. it's one of the most crowded stall in the whole food court.. this dish was nice.. the fish was tender and fresh.. deep fried fish served with Thai special sauce, carrot slices and fresh young mango slices.. it tasted sweet and sour, best eaten with a plate of hot plain rice :) me likey..  

I decided to order something not rice.. I picked noodle instead, so I spotted a stall called 'Beef Noodle' then checked on the menu and decided to ordered Chicken Noodle a la Hu (Rp27,272) and Jumbo Cakue (Rp5,909).. we can choose the noodle between small noodle, large noodle or kway tiaw.. I opted small noodles.. a portion of this noodle consisted of quite a lot of condiments, including chicken, half of boiled egg, pieces of salted fish, fish meatballs, fish cake, seaweed and pok choi.. I think it was delicious.. turns out that seaweed and noodle matched each other.. the salted fish adds a unique taste for the noodle.. I love this dish. it was a little too salty for me, but it was acceptable :) however, the jumbo cakue was deep fried once you place your order, then it was cut into pieces and served with a special sweet-sour sauce.. it was just okay for me.. nothing was quite special..

Eat & Eat Food Market
Gandaria City 2nd Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda (Arteri Pondok Indah)
South Jakarta
Ph.: 6221-2905 3138

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