Mar 22, 2011


Continuing our journey in Gandaria City.. my mom and I decided to have something sweet for our tooth.. on one corner in the Ground Floor, we spotted this quite crowded stall, called Roppan with the tagline 'Toast for Happiness'.. it was around 3 p.m and it's very packed.. we decided to stop by to take a glance at the menu, then found it quite attractive for a try.. 

a tissue with the history of R

like I said, it was really crowded.. anyway, Roppan served various drinks, including coffee, tea and even beer which was mixed with chocolate.. since it was late afternoon and we weren't too hungry, we decided to share a cup of Hot Roppanccino (Rp23,000).. which I thought supposed to be a Japanese style of cappuccino.. it tasted just okay, in my opinion.. however, my mom, as a coffee expert, thought that the coffee was not good and smelly.. so she didn't like it.. so I supposed that I shouldn't recommend this drink.. I did notice that they have a unique drink, which is a glass of beer topped with chocolate and flavored beer.. maybe they're better than my roppanccino.. but I don't drink beer, so maybe I should just try something else haha..

of course, we didn't only order a cup of Hot Roppanccino, we also ordered their special dessert, Ogura Honey Toast (two scoops-Rp27,000).. it's a stack of bread, toasted with honey and topped with Ogura ice cream and blueberry sauce.. I think this dessert was quite famous for Japanese style of dessert, but I have never tried it.. for me.. it tasted nice.. I love honey and toasted bread combined.. it's not too sweet, but just right.. the warm bread then eaten with a cold ogura ice cream.. now, we're talking about dessert :) too bad, their scoop of the ice cream was so small, I should have ordered the three-scoops instead..

see how it was so appetizing? haha.. and it's not even an appetizer.. other than ogura, Roppan also served green tea ice cream, which will be my menu for the next visit.. one thing I have to complain is the service.. I don't know whether it was so crowded, but our honey toast took so long to come out.. I even noticed that there were some people coming after us got their order first.. the table was not clean, I can still feel that it was sticky and we have to ask the waiter to clean it.. I wonder whether they have cleaned it properly before we sit.. another issue was when we asked for tissue, the waiter handed us one piece of tissue, while there were two of us.. I have to ask for one more time, and here goes another ONE piece of tissue.. I suppose if there were ten of us, it'll be ten times of asking tissue..

Gandaria City, Ground Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda (Arteri Pondok Indah)
South Jakarta
Ph.: 021-2900 7942/021-2900 7953


  1. haiii salam kenalll, wah itu honey toastnya enak yah? mao cobain aah lain x. Btw disitu ada jual menu nasi2 juga ya klo ga salah?

  2. iyaa.. mreka provide main courses.. cuma waktu itu uda makan, jadi nge-dessert aja deh.. salam kenal juga :)



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