Apr 1, 2011

Q Smokehouse Factory

I have been subscribing to those websites selling discount vouchers (including disdus, dealkeren, ogahrugi) but never had the chance to buy it.. I think I'm just not a believer to those websites selling anything.. but anyway a few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted that she had bought the voucher from ogahrugi to eat at Q Smokehouse Factory.. it was interesting and I became a believer.. so I decided to give it a try, buy the voucher, then google about it to find quite good reviews about it.. 

on one Sunday evening, bf and I went to Setiabudi One.. it was still crowded in Casablanca street, even on Sunday *sigh*.. however, Setiabudi One itself was not crowded.. the restaurant is located in the ground floor and it was empty by the time we visited.. we directly take our seats and show our voucher (paid Rp50,000 for a full set of meal consisted of main course, drink and dessert) to the waiter and she just mentioned available options for us using the voucher.. the menu was not helpful either, it just mention the name and price of the food.. so we were quite confused.. since we were not so hungry, we decided to go with the sandwich choice.. I had Smokey Reuben Sandwich (Rp42,000) while bf had Barbecue Brisket Sandwich (Rp45,000).. we both picked Iced Latte (Rp25,000) for our drinks and Affogato (Rp25,000) for dessert.. 

my Smokey Reuben Sandwich came in a very appetizing look and a huge portion.. it consisted of a stack of whole wheat bread filled with beef brisket, cheese and caramelized onion accompanied with salad in Italian dressing and french fries.. for those of you, like me, who don't know what beef brisket is.. well, I've found the meaning of it in Wikipedia for you.. so, it was a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of beef or veal.. let me tell you that the brisket is very nice.. it was tender and juicy, just qualified to be my favourite haha.. the fries were generous and I just fell in love with salad poured with Italian dressings.. it was one fulfilling, delicious dinner..

bf's choice of Barbecue Brisket Sandwich was a great decision.. it came in a french bread filled with a lot of beef briskets, caramelized onion and coleslaw, accompanied with french fries and salad.. his beef briskets was kinda different from mine, it was more crispy.. it goes well with all the dressings, which was rather sweet for me.. and it also came in a huge portion.. bf was satisfied with his meal, saying he would prefer his choice of meal compared to mine since the meat was crispier and the sauce was sweeter.. I, on the other hand, would definitely come back and pick my choice..

 our Iced Latte was very nice.. it was creamy and milky and coffee-y.. I used to be a big fan of cappucino, but now I prefer latte, which tasted lighter to my tongue since they put more milk to it.. just for your information, latte was originated from Italy (as predicted) at late 1950s in a cafe run by the first Italian barista, Lino Meiorin.. Italian people at that time was not too familiar with the amount of espresso contained in a cup of cappucino that they asked more milk (or latte in Italian) poured into their drinks.. this "more-milk" cappucino become the cafe's regular menu, called Caffè Latte until now.. well, thanks Lino Meiorin for inventing latte :)

lastly, came our dessert Affogato which was Italian dessert of scoops of ice cream (I picked vanilla, while bf picked chocolate) accompanied with a shot of hot espresso.. I like it so muuuccchhhh... the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream, combined with the strong, bitter caffeine from the espresso.. a nice dessert, I must say..

overall, we both had a nice dining experience here.. the food was great, the drinks and dessert were also nice.. I have to give a plus point for the nice waiters and great service.. after we finished our meal, a waiter came to clean our desk and gave us a little jar of plum candy.. and when we're about to leave the restaurant, a waiter opened the door for us and gave us candies.. a nice, sweet, little treats :) good job, Q Smokehouse Factory.. I like it

Q Smokehouse
Setiabudi One Unit 1 - 156
H.R. Rasuna Said Kav.62
South Jakarta
Ph.: 6221-520 7078


  1. iya.. gara2 liat elu beli, jd baru berani beli.. kalo ga coba uda beli voucher trus pas dateng ke resto nya, mba nya bilang: ini apaan ya? kan maluuuuu hahaha



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