Apr 2, 2011

Ice Cream Gentong

last Monday, bf and I took leave from the hectic office together.. we planned to visit Mall Kelapa Gading, since it's been a while and it took a long journey to reach that area.. we managed to take the Trans Jakarta and reached Mall Kelapa Gading after an hour journey.. we then started going up and down throughout the mall and have some shopping.. on our way to La Piazza, we spotted a little stall called Ice Cream Gentong which literally means ice cream in barrels/drums.. I've heard of this ice cream in other blogger's review and decided to try.. they designed their stall just like their name with those big barrels put in front of the stall.. their tagline was 'a taste of nostalgia'.. 

Ice Cream Gentong offers variety of flavors, including vanilla, coffee, durian, avocado, green tea, oreo, chocolate, jackfruit, strawberry and brownies.. you can choose between cone or cup which cost Rp15,000 each.. we picked a cup to share.. a plus point for choosing a cup is that you'll get more ice cream than you'll get in a cone and you can mix two flavors in one cup.. Ice Cream Gentong also serve ice cream in tint for Rp45,000 each.. a very nice waiter served us while we were confused picking what to order..he then helped us by telling that:
  • for guys: favorite ice cream would be durian and avocado
  • for girls: favorite ice cream would be green tea and coffee 

apparently, I was thinking of mixing green tea and coffee while bf was thinking of trying durian.. so his survey was quite right haha.. anyway, bf started to offer me what to order and by judging at my reaction, he picked a combination of green tea and coffee, though I didn't actually say what I wanted.. he said, it was written in my face haha..

for me.. it was GREAT.. with upper case.. it was not too sweet.. it was creamy, milky.. it really indulge your tongue and taste buds.. I love it.. well, if you like a strong taste of ice cream, you probably would not prefer this.. both flavors tasted mild.. just the way I like it.. while eating, I kept saying 'ooww.. it's delicious' over and over again that bf, nicely, stop eating and let me finish the ice cream haha.. I guess this proves that Indonesian-made is just as good as those imported from Western countries.. instead of offering the same, typical taste of ice cream, Ice Cream Gentong has managed to differ itself from other brand of ice cream.. it stands out of the crowd of imported ice cream.. I just wish they open more stalls instead just in Kelapa Gading, it was too far from me.. :)

Ice Cream Gentong
La Piazza Kelapa Gading (in front of Kopitiam Bengawan Solo)
Mall Kelapa Gading (in front of Farmer's Market)
also available in Bandung and Sukabumi
Ph.: 6221-3388 5550/7120 0630

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  1. haii^^, lets exchange link, aku link yaaah^^
    duhh pengen cobain eskrimnya, paling suka ama eskrim rasa kopi2 gituu^^



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