Apr 3, 2011

Java Wok

deciding where to have lunch during weekdays is kinda hard for me.. well, I have only one hour of lunch for each working day and usually I got bored with those food available in office's area.. around 11.00 a.m, my colleagues and I usually started to discuss where to eat.. somehow we became expert planner when it comes to food haha.. during one afternoon, a friend of mine mentioned Java Wok.. sounds interesting, so we decided to try the food there.. it's an Indonesian restaurant, located in a small alley right behind WTC Building.. it was told that this restaurant share the same serving style like Mbah Jingkrak (which I haven't tried) and Bumbu Desa.. 

it was an open-air building.. decorated dominantly in wood and stone.. I immediately fell in love with the architecture.. instead of providing air conditioner, they put fan in every corner of the room, which was really nice.. it's like a perfect getaway from the hectic office.. I always love those wooden furniture and when it's combined with a wall full of rock, that's when I totally fell in love.. oh, and I also love the small fountain in the corner..

off to the food.. they have a table filled with all kinds of food.. you just need to look at it, decide your choice and tell the waiter, who will write it down for you.. after a while, your order will come to your table.. I think presenting all menus in front of the customers is a brilliant idea, since it makes us as customers rather compulsive just by looking at those appetizing menu haha.. it did successfully make a friend of mine ordered more than she can eat.. 

I decided to pick Caramel Grilled Chicken (Rp13,500), Opor Daun Singkong, or cassava leaves cooked in coconut milk (Rp7,000) and Corn Patty (Rp2,500) with Brown Rice (Rp4,500) and a huge glass of Iced Tea (Rp3,000).. we also ordered two portion chili with shrimp paste (Rp2,500) and Sambal Tempe (Rp2,500) to share.. oh and they provided free kerupuk (yaaayyy!!!).. 

on top of my list would be the chili with shrimp paste haha.. it was not too spicy but just right and nicely taste on my tongue, especially when eaten with kerupuk, yes those free kerupuk :D.. the other chili, sambal tempe was really spicy.. I'm a chili fan, so it tasted nice in my tongue just plainly eat the sambal tempe, but my friends would recommend you to eat it with rice.. next would be Opor Daun Singkong.. usually cassava leaves would tasted rather bitter, but this one is perfect.. nice and just delicious.. the grilled chicken and corn patty was just ordinary.. overall, I think I had a nice lunch, great friends and above all, a great atmosphere.. additionally, they give a 50% cash back voucher for every Rp100,000 you spend on the bill, how nice.. :)

Java Wok
Jln. Bek Murad No. 62
Karet, Sudirman
Ph.: 6221-5290 5103

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  1. She, yang satay house senayan kok ga bisa dibuka yah?



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