Apr 11, 2011

Sate Khas Senayan

it's been a while since I had this lunch with teammates.. I haven't had the chance to post it here and since it was a treat, so I don't know the prices of below dishes.. sorry :( but it was a good lunch.. this lunch treat occurred after our yearly bonus, a friend of mine mentioned that his bonus is beyond his expectation so he decided to share it with us.. a nice guy, he is :) we wanted to have lunch near our office, so we headed to Citywalk in Sudirman.. we actually meant to eat at Warung Leko, however, when we arrived it was really crowded and there were 8 of us so it's kind hard to get a table soon.. we turned our head and spotted Sate Khas Senayan, so we changed our plan..

it turned out that Sate Khas Senayan was also quite crowded that the eight of us have to sit in a table for six haha.. it doesn't matter though.. Sate Khas Senayan was founded in 1974, firstly located in Kebayoran Baru area.. the purpose of this restaurant is to bring satay, which used to be a hawker food into a new concept of restaurant.. it was founded by the name of Satay House Senayan and changed its name to a 'more-Indonesia' name of Sate Khas Senayan in 1982 and continues using that name until now.. Sate Khas Senayan offers variety of satays and other Indonesian food and drinks.. with the tagline of A Savory Cuisine of Timeless Tradition, it brings you the joy of nostalgic cuisine.. 

as this was a treat, it took us not long to brutally order our food.. we were quite hungry back then.. I remember saw the face of my friend treating us became rather pale haha.. we decided to order several menus to share.. oh, and since it was a treat, I don't know the price of below dishes.. sorry :( but I think it was averagely around Rp30k for the main courses :)

first to come is tahu telor (crusty deep-fried bean curd coated in egg batter and drenched in sweet soy sauce, served with cabbage and bean sprout).. I have to say that this is delicious.. just about five minutes after the dish arrived, it was completely finished.. that's how good it is... or how hungry we were haha.. anyway, the bean curd was crispy, just the way I like it.. a nice appetizer to boost your taste buds..
then comes Pecel which was a mix of vegetables with peanut sauce.. however, Sate Khas Senaya's pecel sauce was rather different.. it was dark black, I think they put some petis (fermented shrimp paste) in it.. 

next another vegetables, stirred-fried kangkung.. which I like so much.. I always order this veggie in every restaurant putting it as a menu haha.. well, this one is not special, just ordinary.. but still it didn't fail me :)

our Soto Betawi is the star of the lunch.. it was delicious, though the fillings were not much, that I only got the soup.. sad.. but the soup alone is just delicious.. 

now it's the restaurant's special chicken satay.. consisted of ten skewers served with their special peanut sauce on top of a hot fire.. a unique way to serve satay.. the chicken fillet was very tender.. I think they used peanut sauce rather than crushed peanut.. it gives a whole new experience.. nicely done :)
my friends also ordered mutton satay.. which I didn't try.. it was served not with peanut sauce, but with sweet soy sauce and chopped onion.. I heard that the meat was very tender and nice.. 
lastly come grilled squid.. we actually wanted to order fried gurame, but it was sold out.. our grilled squid consisted of only two pieces per portion.. we didn't expect it to be such a small portion since I remember it was quite pricey.. it tasted just okay.. nothing special..

overall, I had a great lunch with a few of great food and other ordinary food.. the best part was we had a nice chat and mingle together.. sharing joy with your friends felt really good :)

Sate Khas Senayan
Citywalk Sudirman Ground Floor No. 19 – 20
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur No. 121, Karet
Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 2555 6671

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